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142WW & Civil War: 150 Years Ago

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  • calvertmartin
    Feb 9, 2013
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      Memoranda During the War.
      Wednesday, Feb. 4th.--Visited Armory Square Hospital, went pretty thoroughly through Wards E and D. Supplied paper and envelopes to all who wish'd--as usual, found plenty of the men who needed those articles. Wrote letter. Saw and talk'd with two or three members of the Brooklyn Fourteenth......A poor fellow in Ward D, with a fearful wound in a fearful condition, was having some loose splinters of bone taken from the neighborhood of the wound. The operation was long, and one of great pain--yet, after it was well commenced, the soldier bore it in silence. he sat up, propp'd--was much wasted--had lain a long time quiet in one position, (not for days only, but weeks,)--a bloodless, brown-skinn'd face, with eyes full of determination--belong'd to a New York regiment. There was an unusual cluster of surgeons, medical cadets, nurses, d like home--what a charm it gave to the whole Ward.) I like the woman nurse in Ward E--I noticed how she sat a long time by a poor fellow who just had, that morning, in addition to his other sickness, bad hemmoragh--she gently assisted him, reliev'd him of the blood, holding a cloth to his mouth, as he coug'd it up--he was so weak he could only just turn his head over on the pillow.
      One young New York man, with a bright, handsome face, had been lying several months from a most disageeable wound, receiv'd at Bull Run. A bullet had shot him right through the bladder, hitting him front, low in the belly, and coming out back. He had suffer'd much--the water came out of the wound, by slow but steady quantities, for many weeks--so that he lay almost constantly in a sort of puddle--and there were other disagreeable circumstances. He was of good heart, however, at present compararatively comfortable; had a bad throat, was delighted with a stick of horehound candy I gave him, with one or two other trifles.
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