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Fwd: 'Interaction Design Principles for Interactive Television'

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  • Robin Hamman
    ... Karyn Y. Lu s Master s Thesis: Interaction Design Principles for Interactive Television identifies and articulates interaction design principles for
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      Karyn Y. Lu's Master's Thesis: 'Interaction Design Principles for Interactive Television' identifies and articulates interaction design principles for interactive television programming in the United States and elsewhere.

      Chapter one presents a brief survey of the field as it stands in 2005.

      Chapters two and three categorize iTV by platforms and by persistent television
      genres, and present representative examples for each category.

      Chapter four provides an overview of existing design standards in related areas.

      Insights from chapters two, three, and four all serve to inform chapter five, in which Lu proposes principles for iTV interaction design by looking closely at existing designs (both deployed and prototyped), conventions, and patterns of interaction.

      Lu's analyses are rooted in visual culture and human-computer interaction design principles, and the design principles offered are abstracted from the applications which have been analysed within this framework.

      Size: 6.7 Megabytes
      Acrobat Format

      Available to download for free in the Broadband Bananas 'Resources' Section

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