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Last call for papers: GOR 05 Zurich

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  • Uwe Matzat
    For your information. Kind regards, Uwe Matzat ... LAST CALL FOR PAPERS ... Seventh International GOR Conference GOR 05 GENERAL ONLINE RESEARCH 05 22nd and
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 10, 2004
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      For your information.
      Kind regards,
      Uwe Matzat


      Seventh International GOR Conference
      GOR 05

      22nd and 23rd of March, 2005
      at the University of Zurich, Switzerland


      Organized jointly by:

      German Society for Online Research - DGOF e.V.

      Dr. Ulf-Dietrich Reips & Prof. Dr. Klaus Jonas,
      Social and Business Psychology,
      Department of Psychology, University of Zurich

      Conference topics include theories, methods, and
      empirical findings concerning social and business aspects of
      the Internet and mobile communication.

      The aim of the conference is to document the progress of
      Internet science, innovative developments, and practical

      Traditionally, GOR conferences have been excellent
      opportunities for dialogue between:

      - researchers and users of Internet science
      - universities and companies
      - customers and suppliers.

      Conference Languages: English, German

      Paper presentations, posters, and sessions can be
      proposed on the following topics:

      Internet and Leadership
      - Internet Based Procedures for Leaders
      - Media Influences on Leadership within Organizations
      - Online Leadership Tools

      Interactive Market Research and Social Research
      - Internet Based Research and Mobile Market Research
      - Innovative Sampling Approaches
      - Cross-Over Designs, Mixed-Modes and Methods Effects
      - Usability Research, Usability Engineering, Usability Testing
      - Internet Based Experiments
      - Online Surveys
      - Best Practice Examples / Case Studies of Online Market Research

      Internet, Mobile Communication, and Civil Society
      - Online Groups: Structures, Interaction, Community Building,
      and Effects
      - Social and Psychological Effects of Internet Use
      - Social Networks and Relationships: On-line and Off-line
      - Flashmobs
      - Online Community Software: Applications and Results
      - Mobile Communication and Social Networks
      - e-Government and e-Voting: Examples of Best Practice,
      Effects, and Problems
      - The Digital Divide & Digital Inequality
      - Seniors and the Internet
      - The Internet and Local Communities
      - Internet, Social Movements, and Collective Action
      - Internet and Science

      Metrics of the Internet
      - Indices of the Digital Divide(s)
      - Measurement Devices and Indices of Interactivity in
      Online Communication
      - Indicators of Members' Activities in Online Groups
      - Use of Logfiles and Databases
      - Indicators of Subgroup Structures in Online Communities
      - Indices of the Information Society
      - Non-Reactive Methods of Data Collection and Data-Mining

      e-Commerce and e-Controlling
      - e-Business and e-Advertising
      - Evaluation of Web-Sites and e-Commerce
      - Mobile Commerce
      - Benchmarking and Measurement of Range of Coverage
      - Electronic Customer Relationship Management

      Interpersonal Communication
      - Computer Mediated Communication
      - Mobile Communication and Life-Style
      - Playing Games Online
      - Trust and Credibility on the Internet
      - e-Health
      - Blogs
      - Computer Supported Cooperative Work

      The Internet and Organizations
      - e-Learning on the Intranet and Internet
      - Interactive Organizational Research, e.g. Online
      Employee Surveys
      - Online Knowledge Exchange and Knowledge Management
      in Organizations
      - Communities of Practice on the Internet: Design
      and Effects
      - Virtual Organizations, Traditional Organizations and
      Networked Organizations

      Paper Presentations:
      Paper presentations include an oral presentation of max.
      20 minutes, plus 10 minutes for discussion time.

      Selected contributions will be invited to submit
      their paper for publication in an international English
      language conference proceedings' volume or in an
      international English language journal.

      Posters will be discussed at fixed times. The best poster(s)
      will be awarded by an independent jury. Prize total: EUR 500,-.

      There will also be the opportunity to propose a
      group of (3-5) interrelated presentations within one session.
      For more information please contact the program committee

      There will be tutorial workshops covering key
      methods of Internet Science. The workshops
      will take place the day before the GOR conference
      (March 21, 2005) as well as during the conference.

      Participation in workshops is not free of charge and
      the number of participants will be limited.
      Registered visitors of the conference have priority.
      More information is available at http://www.gor.de

      Exhibition Stand Space:
      Companies will have the opportunity to book
      exhibition stand space for presentations of
      products or services. More information
      is available at gororga05@....

      Social Events and Membership Meeting:
      The traditional early-bird-meeting will take place in
      the evening of March 21st 2005. During this meeting visitors
      and participants will have the opportunity to socialize
      with colleagues and meet with other researchers.

      On Tuesday 22nd March 2005, there will be a social
      event in the evening which will include dinner and dancing.

      During the conference there will be a meeting of the
      members of the German Society for Online Research. The
      members will receive additional information about the
      meeting at a later date.

      Submission Guidelines

      If you would like to contribute to the conference by
      presenting a paper or a poster, please submit an
      abstract electronically no later than:

      September 30th 2004

      to: http://www.gor.de

      Abstracts should contain no more than 350 words. The
      abstract has to be written in English language. An additional
      German language version is appreciated, if possible.

      Authors may present in English or German. In any case the
      transparencies have to be prepared in English language.

      Papers can be only submitted via the Web-based online tool
      located at the GOR-Website. Do not submit your paper via email!

      Authors will receive notification of acceptance by:

      end of November 2004.

      The preliminary program will be posted by January 1st,
      2005 at the following URL:


      Accepted oral presentation transparencies or
      Power-Point files in English are to be sent
      by February 18th 2005.

      Conference Fees:

      Conference fees include conference materials, two lunches,
      conference dinner, drinks and snacks during breaks.

      Academics: 150 Euro
      Students: 80 Euro
      Presenting participants: 80 Euro (first authors only)
      Non-academic (e.g. company representatives, free-lancers,
      consultants): 330 Euro

      Participants living in the EU will have to pay full conference
      fees in advance. Other participants may pay their fees
      on the conference date at the venue. Day tickets are not available.

      DGOF members receive a 20% conference fee reduction
      (membership application forms can be found at:

      Early registrants (excluding DGOF members), who register
      before January 31st, 2005 receive a fee reduction of 15%.

      For first authors there are special deadlines for registration:

      After notification of acceptance (Nov. 30, 2004) first authors
      can register immediately. First authors who register no
      later than December 15, 2004 receive a fee reduction of 15%
      (not valid for DGOF members). First authors have to register
      no later than December 31, 2004.

      Registration for all other participants will begin on
      January 1st 2005. Further detailed information will be
      posted continually at the following URL:


      Important deadlines:

      09/30/04 Deadline for abstract submission

      11/30/04 Feedback on acceptance /
      Registration of authors begins

      01/01/05 Preliminary program will be published /
      General registration begins

      03/21/05-03/23/05 Conference + workshops at the
      University of Zurich (Switzerland)

      Summary of contacts:

      Conference Website,
      Abstract submission, Workshop: http://www.gor.de
      Business activities &
      any further questions: gorpaper05@...
      Local organization: gorinfo@...
      Contact address of the local organizing committee:

      Conference office GOR 05
      Social and Business Psychology
      Department of Psychology
      University of Zurich
      8001 Zurich

      Phone +41-1-63 44121
      Fax +41-1-63 44129
      E-Mail: gorinfo@...

      Uwe Matzat
      Sociology Section
      Department of Technology Management
      Eindhoven University of Technology
      P.O. Box 513, 5600 MB Eindhoven
      The Netherlands
      phone: +31 40 247-8392
      email: u.matzat@...
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