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LEA Aug '04: Network Leaps, Bounds and Misses/Global Crossings/New Media Poetics

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  • nisar keshvani
    *sincere apologies for cross-posting* Leonardo Electronic Almanac: August 2004 ISSN#1071-4391 art | science | technology - a definitive voice since 1993
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 9, 2004
      *sincere apologies for cross-posting*

      Leonardo Electronic Almanac: August 2004
      art | science | technology - a definitive voice since 1993

      LEA's August 'Network Leaps, Bounds and Misses' issue emerges from ideas and research discussed at the 2003 "Old Pathways/New Travelers" meeting, in New Delhi. Guest editor Fátima Lasay describes it as, “meditation on the goals of that meeting."

      Tereza Wagner discusses the UNESCO DigiArts portal, designed to "promote creativity in the field of digital arts," especially in the context of developing countries. New Zealander Ian Whalley discusses the role of the Sonic Art CD series in the documentation of New Zealand electroacoustic music. Peruvian José Carlos Mariátegui explores the various permutations of globalization in the context of Latin American media art.

      Malaysians Hasnul Jamal Saidon and Roopesh Sitharan, describe an experimental online project based on a collaboration between students based in Japan and Malaysia, using it as a basis for discussing notions of "self, identity, nationality and cross-cultural encounters in today's age of global telecommunication."

      In Leonardo Reviews, Yvonne Spielmann reviews *The Cinema Effect*, by Sean Cubitt, George Gessert reviews *The Molecular Gaze: Art in the Genetic Age* and Jan Baetens reviews Roy
      Ascott's *Telematic Embrace*.

      Latest Calls for Papers

      * Gallery Special: Global Crossings *

      The LEA Gallery is looking to make visible the work of international artists, professionals and scholars who live and work in a wide variety of situations where access to established venues for exhibition, display and publication is limited. Difficulty of access may be attributed to cultural, geographic, ethnic, institutional or disciplinary diversity, or issues related to the North/South divide, age, gender, etc. More info: http://mitpress2.mit.edu/e-journals/LEA/LEA2004/authors.htm#gx

      * Special Issue: New Media Poetry and Poetics *

      LEA is inviting papers and artworks that deal with New Media Poetry and Poetics. This category includes multimedia digital works (image/text/sound) as examined through the lens of "writing," specifically any of those concerns central to poetry rather than narrative or prose: reader as active participant in the "ergodic" sense, the use of stochastic methods and chance procedures, and the complex relations between the author, reader, and computer-as-writer/reader which evolve from that interaction. More info: http://mitpress2.mit.edu/e-journals/LEA/LEA2004/authors.htm#poetics

      Editorial ideas / proposals: lea@...


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      How to advertise in LEA?

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      What is LEA?
      For over a decade, Leonardo Electronic Almanac (LEA) has thrived as an international peer-reviewed electronic journal and web archive, covering the interaction of the arts, sciences and technology. LEA emphasizes rapid publication of recent work and critical discussion on topics of current excitement. Many contributors are younger scholars and artists, and there is a slant towards shorter, less academic texts.

      Contents include Leonardo Reviews, edited by Michael Punt, Leonardo Research Abstracts of recent Ph.D. and Masters theses, curated Galleries of current new media artwork, and special issues on topics ranging from Artists and Scientists in times of War, to Zero Gravity
      Art, to the History of New Media.

      Copyright© 1993 - 2004: The Leonardo Electronic Almanac is published by Leonardo / International Society for the Arts, Sciences and Technology (ISAST) in association with the MIT Press. All rights reserved.
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