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New MSc in Human Centred Systems - City University

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  • Panayiotis Zaphiris
    MSc in Human Centred Systems ============================ Centre for HCI Design, City University, London In October 2004 the Centre for HCI Design at City
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 29, 2004
      MSc in Human Centred Systems

      Centre for HCI Design, City University, London

      In October 2004 the Centre for HCI Design at City University, London is
      launching a new MSc in Human Centred Systems.

      The Centre for HCI Design (CHCID) at City University is a specialist
      research centre within the School of Informatics. The Centre is the
      largest academic HCI research group in the London area, and one of the
      largest in the country. It currently boasts 6 academic staff and
      approximately 20 research staff. The Centre specialises in research
      within the broad fields of Human-Computer Interaction and Software
      Engineering. We undertake fundamental long-term research, funded largely
      by the EPSRC and EU, and more applied research in collaboration with a
      wide range of commercial organisations. The main research areas at
      present are: holistic system design methods, usability evaluation, tools
      and methods to support interactive system design, assistive technologies
      and designing for diverse users, culture and creativity in design,
      e-Learning, requirements engineering for socio-technical systems,
      business process modeling, component-based system development.

      Students taking this course will be equipped with the theory and
      techniques from computer science, software engineering, cognitive
      science and psychology for the design, implementation and evaluation of
      computing systems that take the user into consideration.

      Upon completing this course you will have excellent skills in designing
      and evaluating software computing systems. Skills will range from
      advanced human-computer interaction design skills, requirement analysis
      and design, skills in designing and conducting complex evaluations of
      new or existing software computing systems and unique expertise in
      designing and evaluating systems for people with disabilities and the

      Course outline: a full-time, 1 year MSc consisting of a number of
      taught modules including courses on Human-Computer Interaction Design,
      Requirements Engineering, Systems Specification, Professional and
      Research Skills, Inclusive Design, Multimedia Design, Advanced
      Human-Computer Interaction, Evaluation of Systems. Every
      student will also undertake an individual research project in the form
      of a thesis.

      Course requirements: The usual minimum entrance requirement is a good
      second class honours degree from a UK university in a numerate
      discipline, a recognised equivalent from an accredited overseas
      institution or an equivalent professional qualification. For students
      whose first language is not English, an IELTS score of 6.5 or TOEFL
      score of 600 (250 computer-based version) is required.

      Further details:

      Please sent general enquiries to pgenquire@...
      or browse our website at:

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