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ANNOUNCEMENT: Facilitating Online Interaction Class starts February 16, 2004

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  • Nancy White
    (apologies for crossposting) I am the delinquent marketer for the first of my two offerings in 2004 of my Facilitating Online Interactions course starting
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 23, 2004
      (apologies for crossposting)

      I am the delinquent marketer for the first of my two offerings in 2004 of
      my "Facilitating Online Interactions" course starting February 16th. I'll
      be offering the course 1 more time later in the year, so if you want me to
      advise you of future dates, please drop me a private email.

      Information URL: http://www.fullcirc.com/ws/onfaccourse.htm
      Dates: February 16 - March 19 (Alternating on/off weeks for 3 weeks of
      actual course time)
      Instructor: Nancy White
      Tuition: $750.00 USD 10% discount for groups of 5 or more or members of
      501(C)3 non profit organizations or NGOs).
      Testimonials: from past course participants

      Online facilitation is an evolving and expanding opportunity to
      support groups to work, learn and connect across time and distance. Online
      work and interactions require facilitation skills beyond those used in
      face-to-face meetings. Group dynamics in the virtual environment combined
      with new communication technologies create unique conditions and
      opportunities calling for specific techniques and an expansion of our
      consciousness with mindful facilitation.

      This 3-week (spread over 5 weeks - active the weeks of February 16,
      March 2 and March 16) highly interactive and participatory course will
      provide you with the initial skills to guide you through planning, process
      design and facilitation of online group interactions. We will explore
      concepts through key readings, discuss theory, reflect in personal learning
      logs, and practice technique.

      Learning Outcomes

      * Identify the unique aspects of facilitating online interactions
      * Define the key purpose of an online interaction as a framework for
      * Assess the group's needs and select appropriate facilitation strategies
      for distributed teams, online communities and distance learning
      * Develop processes for establishing relationship and trust online
      * Evaluate group cycles and apply techniques for pacing, leading and
      encouraging participation
      * Explore processes for moving from purpose to action
      * Extract value with summaries to harvest knowledge and learning
      * Create a record of your personal learning through a self-reflective
      online learning log
      * Additional topics may be added according to class and individual interests

      People who might benefit from the course

      * distributed team members
      * CoP members and leaders
      * managers
      * online teachers / instructors
      * online community moderators/hosts
      * consultants

      Areas of application

      * distributed teams
      * online learning
      * communities of practice
      * online customer relationship management
      * online communities (discussion sites)
      * consulting
      * serving any group that requires online interaction

      Delivery Format

      This is an intense online course presented in a web-conference
      asynchronous environment allowing participants to engage at their own
      convenience from home or office. Additionally, we will have scheduled
      sessions with other synchronous tools such as telephone conference call,
      chat and instant messaging.

      The class workspace will remain open for 30 days after the course for
      individuals to review materials and a CD of the course is also made
      available for future reference.

      Class Requirements - PLEASE READ!

      To get the most out of this intensive course, a minimum of 2
      hours/day is required depending on your learning style. We compress a lot
      of material and activities into the three weeks. It is strongly recommended
      that this time be scheduled and set aside away from other daily activities,
      to ensure focused and uninterrupted attention.

      The class space will be open on the Thursday prior to start of course
      for introductions, access to reading material and space for experimentation
      with the tools. Formal class starts on Monday.

      Participants should have a basic understanding of
      * the Internet
      * group facilitation (important)
      * mastery of the use of an Internet browser

      Nancy White - Full Circle Associates - http://www.fullcirc.com - 206-517-4754
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