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Leonardo Electronic Almanac Educators Initiative

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  • nisar keshvani
    For Immediate Release ... Faculty and Students: Receive your FREE subscription to the LEA email digest at
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2003
      For Immediate Release

      < LEA educators initiative >

      Faculty and Students: Receive your FREE subscription to the LEA email
      digest at http://mitpress.mit.edu/lea/e-mail

      The Leonardo Electronic Almanac (ISSN #1071-4391) is pleased to
      announce that is creating an abstracts index listing of Masters and
      PhD theses in the art/science/technology field. Students interested
      in contributing should contact leo@.... LEA maintains a
      discussion list open only to faculty in the field. Faculty wishing to
      join this list should also contact leo@....

      Leonardo Electronic Almanac (LEA) is Leonardo/ISAST and MIT
      Press' electronic journal dedicated to providing a forum for
      those who are interested in the realm of where art, science, and
      technology converge. This peer-reviewed e-journal includes Texts;
      Artists using new media; Feature Articles comprised of
      theoretical and technical perspectives; the LEA Gallery
      exhibiting new media artwork by international artists; detailed
      information about new publications in various media; Leonardo
      Digital Reviews of publications, events, and exhibitions.

      Recent selections include work by Mark Amerika, Linda Carroli,
      Choy Kok Kee, Nina Czegledy, Oliver Grau, Teri Hoskin, Patrick
      Lambelet, Fatima Lasay, Geert Lovink, William Magee, Robert C.
      Morgan, Caleb Stuart, Alan Wallace

      Job Opportunities submitted to LEA are posted in fineArt forum
      (the Internet's longest running arts publication), through a
      recent strategic alliance. The Leonardo Bibliographies project
      provides reading lists on emerging and key topics in the field.

      The Leonardo Pathbreakers and Pioneers Art History Project
      provides key primary information for art historians. The LEA
      Archive provides comprehensive resource and documentation
      information. Access to the password-protected archive is provided
      with your LEA subscription.

      To send thesis info / join faculty discussion list / other
      queries: leo@...

      To sign up for free subscription:

      Access the latest issue : http://mitpress2.mit.edu/e-journals/lea
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