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FW: Invitation to MOBILE HCI2002 - Workshop "Main Issues in Designing Interactive Mobile Services"

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  • Robin Hamman
    Workshop Main Issues in Designing Interactive Mobile Services 17 September 2002, Pisa, Italy, in conjunction to Mobile HCI 02
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 12, 2002
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      Workshop "Main Issues in Designing Interactive Mobile Services"
      17 September 2002, Pisa, Italy, in conjunction to Mobile HCI '02

      The new 3G communications technology providing mobile access to
      context-dependent services will strongly enhance and extend
      communication possibilities in mobility.
      Therefore, new design approaches, HF studies, behavioural theories and
      evaluation techniques must arise in order to be able to design
      interactive mobile artefacts that provide the user with a positive
      The workshop intends to explore and analyse the main aspects in the
      design of scenarios of context dependent services for the incoming 3G
      mobile communication technologies. It is designed as a one-day practical
      activity with relevant theoretical discussion, ending with a poster
      design session.

      Development of a HF research agenda for this specific issue of
      interaction with mobile devices, to identify and extend the research
      community in this topic. Moreover, to sensitise designers to the
      particular interaction-design issues in these kind of communication
      scenarios (mobile and contextual learning models, interface evaluation,

      Background of the perspective participants
      The workshop is intended for practitioners working in the wireless
      industry (telcos, device manufacturers, service providers, etc.) and for
      HF academics and students with interests in human computer interaction,
      technology-enhanced learning and mobile interaction. Participants will
      be asked to submit a brief position paper of 2-4 pages, or a reference
      to a mobile product/project in which they have been involved.
      Participants will be selected on the basis of their interest in and
      familiarity with the topic.

      Detailed description of workshop
      Participants will be invited to choose a format of context-dependent
      mobile service and hypothesise a scenario of use (mainly when he is ‘on
      the move’ - e.g. in a train, using a pocket PC or a mobile phone) that
      will enhance users' interactive experience with their mobile devices.
      Once the usage scenario is well defined, participants will required to
      know (assume) the expectations, limitations and behaviour of mobile
      users and design appropriate interaction models. Trans-cultural
      adaptability and ethic aspects will be analysed. Good communication with
      the service provider is a key factor to add value to the user, possibly
      involving personalized services. A coerent and relevant multi-channel
      identity, for example with related website, will be analysed to ensure
      user’s fidelity.
      Interface’s usability will be tested according to:
      - learnability
      - users’ satisfaction
      - users’ expectations and perceived value of the services provided
      - speed in task completion
      - number of irreversible mistakes
      - level of interaction enabled

      How to participate
      Applicants for participation are asked to send a position paper (max.
      4pages) in PDF (TXT or RTF) format to a.c.roibas@...

      Deadline for submission is July 1, 2002.

      Participants will get feedback by July 10, 2002 to allow for early

      Registration to the workshop is required. For details and fee see Mobile
      HCI 2002 web site: http://giove.cnuce.cnr.it/mobilehci02.html

      Program Committee
      Anxo Cereijo Roibás, University of Brighton, Brighton, UK

      Stefania Marcoli, E-TREE, Treviso, Italy

      In collaboration with:
      Giorgio Da Bormida, GIUNTI Ricerca, MOBIlearn project, Genoa, Italy

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