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World Congress of Citizens Networks, Buenos Aires, 5-7 December 2

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    Message 1 of 1 , May 18, 2001
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      >World Congress of Citizens Network, Buenos Aires, 5-7 December 2001
      >For additional information write to the secretary of the Global CN2001:
      >E-mail: secretariado@...
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      >URL: http://www.globalcn2001.org
      >The Congress - Presentation
      >Community networks is a generic term used to define different kinds of uses
      >of the Internet and the information technologies that transform our society.
      >In some countries, they are called differently, such as freenets,
      >telecenters, or digital cities. However, in all cases, community networks
      >gather people willing to use the new technologies for the renewal of their
      >communities in the digital era. They are more than just a simple web: They
      >are new forms of society. We can define community networks as a way of using
      >the new technologies by various local agents (association, town,
      >neighborhood, indigenous community, library, young people's association,
      >women's movement, etc.) as well as national and even global agents for the
      >purpose of generating a social transformation, either as economic
      >development, greater citizen involvement or lower social exclusion.
      >The Global CN congress is the annual meeting of the community networks from
      >all over the world, as well as of people from different sectors interested
      >in their promotion. These networks are new forms of civic associations in
      >the digital era. They play an extremely important role in the strengthening
      >of social networks, in any given population´s access to the knowledge and
      >work opportunities of the Information Society, in citizens´ participation in
      >local policy making, in the generation of better working conditions, and in
      >the creation of companies with new production and service profiles.
      >These issues will be discussed at the II World Congress of Citizen Networks
      >- Global CN 2001 to be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, between December 5
      >and 7, 2001. The event will gather members of the community, governmental,
      >political, academic, and business sectors involved in the promotion of these
      >citizen networks, around a clear theme: "Renewing communities in the Digital
      >Global CN 2001 is an initiative developed by Global CN Partnership, the
      >international alliance of organizations of citizen networks of Europe, USA,
      >Canada, in collaboration with community networks in the United States,
      >Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Uruguay, Australia, Mexico, Costa Rica, Dominican
      >Republic, New Zealand, Japan, Russia, India and Africa.
      >Global CN 2001 aims to encourage the building of community networks around
      >the world, based upon strategic alliances with the various organizations of
      >civil society, the State, private enterprises and universities. These
      >alliances are oriented towards the construction of the Information Society´s
      >new communities. These communities are built through the articulation of the
      >initiatives of the sectors involved, the exchange of methodologies,
      >programs, processes, and the production of new knowledge.
      >Global CN 2001 in Buenos Aires
      >This second congress is the first one in Latin America, after the Global CN
      >2000 in Europe. We expect it to be a landmark in the evolution of citizen
      >networks, not only for the level of the issues and participants in the
      >debate, but also because it is a joint undertaking of all the social and
      >political sectors, without which it will not be possible to build a society
      >with equitable access to information.
      >This II World Congress of Citizen Networks, hosted by Buenos Aires, will
      >gather for the first time in Argentina the efforts of the major political
      >and economic players of provinces -through CFI, Consejo Federal de
      >Inversiones / Federal Council of Investments-, together with the academic
      >and research sector involved in the main subjects of discussion represented
      >by the Instituto de Investigaciones Gino Germani / Gino Germani Research
      >Institute, of the School of Social Sciences of the University of Buenos
      >Aires, and the main information and communication technology / ICT
      >companies, represented by CICOMRA, the Chamber of Information Technology and
      >Communications of the Argentine Republic. Global CN 2001 is supported by an
      >international Consultative Committee and an international Executive
      >The II World Congress of Citizen Networks is the continuation of Global CN
      >2000, which took place in Barcelona in November 2000. Information and
      >communication technologies -which meet on the Internet- are showing great
      >potential for the economic and social development of communities. This calls
      >for the strengthening of an information society for everyone, which must be
      >jointly encouraged by the various social, political and business sectors.
      >It is in the above setting that Buenos Aires will receive, next December,
      >representatives from institutions of around the world. Global CN 2001 will
      >include conferences with key international speakers, roundtable discussions,
      >workshops, videos, a community organization exhibition, and other
      >activities. In forthcoming communications, we will keep you informed about
      >the general organization, the program, logistics and other issues of your
      >For additional information, please write to the secretary of Global CN2001:
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