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iso telegeographers

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  • Hypermedia Researchby way of Robin Hamman
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    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 31, 2000
      >From: Bram Dov Abramson <babramson@...>
      >Subject: iso telegeographers
      >Positions at TeleGeography
      >(1) TeleGeography is a research group specializing in international
      >network topology, traffic flow, and emerging industry structures.
      >We're looking for someone smart, creative, and intellectually curious
      >to join us as an Internet research analyst / developer.
      >To be comfortable in this role, you'll need to know your way around
      >Linux, speak fluent Perl, and understand TCP/IP from bottom to top.
      >Routing clue would be helpful, and a visualization or geomatics
      >background is a plus.
      >More importantly, though, you're someone who learns quickly and works
      >independently, who enjoys thinking about what Internet globalization
      >means, and who thinks maps are pretty cool. Projects will include
      >developing and deploying measurement tools, contributing primary and
      >secondary research, and creating reports and graphics that analyze
      >what's happening and why it matters.
      >This is a new and growing part of what we do, and your ideas will
      >have substantial impact on future activities in this area. Relaxed
      >and fun atmosphere; competitive salary & benefits.
      >If this sounds like you, please send a cv and a note about yourself
      >to <netanalyst@...>. We are located in Washington DC.
      >(2) TeleGeography is also seeking another Mapmaker / Graphic
      >Designer. Clever mind (and hands) will help set the tone for our
      >visual style, produce global network maps, and spend time creating
      >graphics that are clear, explanatory, and beautiful.
      >An MFA or equivalent experience is essential. Top graphics/layout
      >skills (Quark and Illustrator) are a must. And cartographic or
      >science/medical illustration experience would be great.
      >For a highly motivated person, this is an opportunity to affect how
      >people imagine the information society, and make your mark on the
      >world. If you raise your eyebrows at global telecom ad stylings,
      >argue passionately over media aesthetics, or spend more time
      >bbediting than browsing -- we'd like to hear from you.
      >Interested? Please send a cv and a note about yourself to
      ><design@...>, to our fax machine (+1 202 467 0851), or
      >to our door (Recruitment, TeleGeography, 1730 Rhode Island Ave NW
      >Suite 400, Washington DC 20036, USA). Relaxed and fun atmosphere;
      >competitive salary & benefits.
      >^ - -
      >Bram Dov Abramson
      >Telecommunication Research Analyst
      >TeleGeography, Inc.
      >babramson@... tel +1 202 467 4043
      >http://www.telegeography.com fax +1 202 467 0851

      If you would like to keep in touch with what is happening at the HRC, you
      can subscribe to our Friends mailing list on:


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