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new *spark mailing list - starting now.

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  • Kris @ *spark
    This is the first installment of a new *spark writers and contributors email. I intend to send to you about 2 times a week, so if you want out...let me know
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 30, 1999
      This is the first installment of a new *spark writers and contributors email.
      I intend to send to you about 2 times a week, so if you want out...let me know
      now. You're included because you have contributed to *spark in the past. The
      purpose is to keep those of you who are keenly interested in the progress of
      the publication informed. These emails will sometimes be substantial and sometimes
      a short sentence with a link pointing to something related to *spark or its contributors.

      For example, I would like to start out by throwing out a big congratulations
      to Frank Beacham. Frank has contributed to Issue 2.0 and 3.0 and will have a
      piece in the January issue as well. Frank is the excutive producer of the new
      movie in theatres around N.America right now called The Cradle Will Rock...directed
      by Tim Robbins. Check it on the web >>> http://movies.go.com/cradlewillrock/index_flash.html
      We love to hear of your successes, and it's fun to share them with the rest of
      the group. Feel free to mail me with info you think would be appropriate for
      dissemination to all contributors.

      This will be information that I may not send to the entire subscriber list which
      has exploded to over 1100 and is growing daily. I try to contact this list only
      2-3 times a month in order to not be too overwhelming. However, we have some
      pretty loyal readers already and they will be included in this mailing too.

      Issue 4.0 will be up on January 1, 00 at midnight. If you would like to look
      at it before it is officially launched...go to >>> http://www.spark-online.com/january00/january.html.
      I totally welcome your feedback and if you get back to me in a timely manner
      I will attempt to make any necessary changes before the site goes live and the
      announcements start going out.

      The discussion board is really taking off and I want to encourage you to follow
      the threads and get them off the ground where neccessary. We have over 25,000
      unique readers every month, who are now spending an average of 14 minutes on
      the site...so people are reading. I think it's neat to have a forum where you
      can write, people can respond, and then have follow up by the orginal contributor.
      In real time!

      I have some great *spark flyers that I have had printed up. They are beautiful
      4-color works on glossy magazine stock. I would love to send you some for your
      scrap book or to leave around town. I have 4 different designs and I'll pay
      the postage if you promise not to hide them in a drawer somewhere or throw them
      away. Just send me your address and an approx . number of pieces you want and
      I'll get them out. I printed about 25,000 of them so feel free to ask for as
      many as you think you can handle.

      Deadline for submission for 5.0 is the 5th...please get those articles in. Every
      issue has been stronger than the last and from we've what received so far, February
      will be no exception. I am starting to get more contributions on the graphics
      side so I will be trying to commission digital art to run with as many of your
      pieces as possible. If you have any leads on someone who I should contact or
      if you have the talent to coordinate graphics to run with your work by all means
      take the intiative.

      So, let me know if you don't want to hear from us and you'll just get the regular
      subscriber information twice a month. I'm looking forward to watching *spark
      and it's community grow over the coming year and am excited to have you as part
      of it.

      Hope to hear back from you...

      Kristopher Krug

      *spark - exploring electronic consciousness...
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