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Re: [tied] Scientific Nationalism

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  • Glen Gordon
    ... Enter Glen s showstopping split personality Desirée the Deadly wearing a stunning full-length emerald sequence gown tight against curvacious hips
    Message 1 of 6 , Sep 1, 2001
      The man who suspiciously refers to himself as John Piscopo:
      > She gave him a bobbit.
      > She threatened to bobbit him.
      > After he made love to her against his wishes, she bobbited him.
      > There are no known homosexual usages, yet.

      Enter Glen's showstopping split personality "Desir�e the Deadly"
      wearing a stunning full-length emerald sequence gown tight against
      curvacious hips (They're knee pads, darling), carefully applied
      eyeshadow, blush & lipgloss, with hair you could just die for.
      Julie Andrews sings the Sound of Music in the background. "Did
      somebody say homosexual? It's time for my two-cents. Move over
      Richard Simmons..."

      "Bobbit" is in homo-vocab, alright. However, I'd imagine a low
      incidence of gay male bobbiting due to a well known phenomena called
      "sympathy pains". Why, just the thought of bobitting someone's
      penis would make me feel very sad about losing my own penis which
      has been a very good friend to me ever since I moistened my first
      diapers. We've been through the thick and the thin, haven't we, yes
      we have. On the other hand, you know what they say "There's no fury
      like a drag queen scorned."

      As for those lesbians... Well, I could see those nasty dyke gangs
      kidnapping one of my helpless friends and bobitting them just so
      that they could use it as part of a leather attachment... Oh my god!
      What am I saying! It must be the drugs! Well, carry on.

      gLeNny gEe
      ...wEbDeVEr gOne bEsErK!

      home: http://glen_gordon.tripod.com
      email: glengordon01@...

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