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Re: [tied] French stuff

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  • Marc Verhaegen
    ... mec is called a meuf (backwards for femme ). You refer to your parents as rep and rem ( dad and mom ). Wow. I can t believe you don t know.
    Message 1 of 6 , Aug 31, 2001
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      >>La plus belle fois qu'on m'a dit
      >> "je t'aime"
      >> c'├ętait un mec
      >> qui me l'a dit...
      >>Francis Lalane
      >What's a "mec"?

      >Quoi? Tu n'a jamais vu ce slang?! It means "gars" or "homme". A female
      "mec" is called a "meuf" (backwards for "femme"). You
      refer to your parents as "rep" and "rem" ("dad" and "mom"). Wow. I can't
      believe you don't know. Where have you been? Glen

      Yes, of course. Thanks. Not my usual vocabulary.

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