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Res: [tied] Norse messenger goddess Gná : et ymology?

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  • Joao S. Lopes
    Could be related to Greek Neike, neikos fight, victory ? JS Lopes ________________________________ De: Trond Engen Para:
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 30, 2011
      Could be related to Greek Neike, neikos "fight, victory"?

      JS Lopes

      De: Trond Engen <trond@...>
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      Assunto: Re: [tied] Norse messenger goddess Gná : etymology?


      Joao S. Lopes:

      > What's the meaning of ON Gna: , a messenger goddess, similar to Iris?
      > Snorri links Gna: to gnaefir, what would imply a proto-form
      > *Gnai(h)wo:(n) or *Gnae:(h)wo:(n).
      > Was G- a preffix ?

      I've been waiting for somebody knowledgable to answer, but apparently not.

      A frozen g- prefix, cognate to German ge-, is found with vaguely
      intensifying meaning in a few ON words: <granni> "neighbour, comrade",
      <greiða> "make, mend, prepare, ..." and probably a couple more that I
      can't remember.

      The word <gná> is even used as a kenning for "woman", or so says my
      dictionary. With <ná> meaning "near, close", a g- prefixed <gná> might
      possibly have meant "(the) very close" or "(the) approaching". I've no
      idea if it makes sense, but I do like it.

      Trond Engen

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