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Re: Tudrus

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  • t0lgsoo1
    ... Only in the sense Männchen (Männeken) of the OHG trahho ( NHG Enterich. (BTW, in Bavarian, die Ente = de Ant n.)
    Message 1 of 140 , Jan 7, 2011
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      >I've yet to see any evidence that <Täuberich> and
      ><Gänserich> contain a diminutive suffix. Or for that matter
      >that they're relevant at all, since both are late creations.

      Only in the sense "Männchen" (Männeken) of the OHG trahho
      (<*drako) in forming OHG an(t)trahho > NHG Enterich.
      (BTW, in Bavarian, die Ente = de Ant'n.)

      Gänserich, Täuberich, Mäuserich are formed according to the
      anttrahho/Enterich model.

      Otherwise -rich simply means masculine. Note that even in
      today's standard German male and female animals are called
      Männchen & Weibchen.

      Wüterich ("extremely furious; cruel") seems to follow another
      pattern: OHG wuoterich.

      Fähnrich existed in OHG as... faneri.

      So these have in common with Friedrich, Ulrich, Dietrich,
      Dittrich, Heinrich, Erich, Helfrich, Wintrich etc. the fact
      that -rich is perceived as a masculine ending. (At least as
      it has been in MHG and NHG.)

    • Torsten
      ... Found it http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/cybalist/files/AlfredSchmidt.jpg after http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/cybalist/files/1902_tuxen.jpg Mostly
      Message 140 of 140 , Mar 18, 2011
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        > > And a bit earlier, Denmark lost
        > > some areas to Germany (perhaps it resented
        > > losing Hannover as well).
        > We have never had Hannover, and nobody here resented losing German-
        > speaking Holstein, other than perhaps the royal family. What they
        > did resent was losing the once completely, then partially Danish-
        > speaking Schleswig, to the degree the Kaiser Wilhelm was getting the
        > cold shoulder at
        > http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fredensborg_Palace
        > whenever the family (
        > http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christian_IX
        > had managed to marry off one daughter
        > http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alexandra_of_Denmark
        > to the king of England and another
        > http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maria_Feodorovna_(Dagmar_of_Denmark)
        > to the tsar of Russia) met there every summer, because the Germans
        > were attempting to eindeutschen the Danes in Schleswig, which didn't
        > happen, to the consternation of the Germans, since they believed the
        > Danes would happily accept becoming Germans (there was a famous
        > cartoon in a satirical magaziene here then: Kaiser Wilhelm had sent
        > a telegram to the Royal family after having been to Fredensborg, to
        > the effect that he felt as a 'Sohn des Hauses'; the cartoon, with
        > the caption 'En Søn af Huset', was of the Kaiser sitting like a kid,
        > and dressed as such, with his familiar Schnurrbart, at the foot of
        > the throne, in a sort of arranged family tableau in the style of the
        > time). I suspect Gustaff Kossinna's idea of picking Demmark as the
        > home of all Germanic peoples came from some desire to placate the
        > Danes, it doesn't fit the linguistic and archaeological facts.

        Found it

        Mostly OT, so I'll stop this thread here.

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