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Hanuman - reply to a question

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  • kishore patnaik
    Dera all, I am happy to inform you all that my reply on Yahoo Answers on Hanuman has been adjudged as the Best answer by the asker. I am giving the question
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       Dera all,
       I am happy to inform you all that my reply on Yahoo Answers on Hanuman has been adjudged as the Best answer by the asker. I am giving the question and the answer and the   warm reply by the asker here: These kinds of tasks, though simple, are my own way of contributing to understanding of Hindu culture.
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      Kishore patnaik

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      The two epics of india..maha bharath and ramayana.. is Hanuman having rolls in this two epics ?

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      Hanuman, also called Bajrang, Anjaneya, Maruti, Kesari putra and Ram Bhakt, assumed an important role in Ramayan.

      He was the son of Anjana and Kesari, a Vanara king (Vanara literally means monkey, here it denotes the tribe whose totem was monkey; they were hill worshippers) from Nasik, Maharashtra. He was related to Sugreeva and Vali, the strong vanara king brothers ruling Kishkintha, the moderrn Hampi in the border of Karnataka and Andhra pradesh, India.

      In the fight between Vali and Sugreeva, Hanuman not only sided with Sugreeva but also was instrumental in securing the much needed support of Lord Rama for Sugreeva. Rama killed Vali in order make Sugreeva the king of Vanaras.

      Hanuman became a great devotee of Lord Rama. He had searched for and found Sita in the Lanka of Ravana, (who had abducted her),perhaps located somewhere on the Meridian. He has also fought valiantly in the war between Rama and Ravana and had brought Sanjivini, the reviving herbals for Lakshmana who was in a coma from the wounds inflicted by Indrajit, warrior son of Ravana.

      Hanuman is shown as the son of Vayu as well as Siva.

      Bhima, the brother of Dharma raja from Mahabharat is also shown as son of Vayu, the wind god. Kunti was mother of Bheema and she begot Dharma raja, Bhima and Arjuna from various Gods when Pandu raj, her king- husband was forbidden conjugal pleasures. Madri, another wife of Pandu raj, bore twins, Nakula and Saha Deva from the Aswins, the twin physicians for Gods.

      Dharma raja and his four brothers proceeded for exile in forests consequent upon a loss in game of dice with their cousins, led by the wicked Duryodhana.

      While in exile, Bhima happened to meet Hanuman. While there is a long gap between Ramayan and Maha bharat, people believed that Yogis could live for thousands of years without a problem, due to their Yogic pracitices. Hanuman was certainly a great Yoga practitioner (He was a staunch bachelor and there are many indications of his Yoga. Similarly, if you read the parts describing the way he has taken his flight across the sea in his search for Sita indicates the physical practice of Yoga)

      In any case, Hanuman was entrusted the job of being on the banner of Arjun, so as to protect him from all harm. It is said that he was the first to hear the Bhagavad gita and he was credited with writing the first commentary on the same in the langauge of Pisaca, the pre historical form of today's Telugu, the language spoken in Andhra Pradesh and the boarders of Karnataka (and hence, tallies with the fact that Hanuman was residing in the Andhra- Karnataka Border)

      Btw, most of the names credited to Hanuman are sanskritized forms. Hanuman was also said to be a great musician and Grammarian.

      hope this helps,

      Kishore patnaik
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      oh!! very excellent answer. But, Hanuman is the son of vayu only, since i didn't hear siva. nice answer. how knowledgable persons you!!Thanks for the answer.

      i thank all other answerers also.
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