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    Ok, as much as I hate to simply beg... I am reduced to it yet again. I have looked everywhere online for a translation of Widukind s History of the Saxons
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 24 12:03 PM
      Ok, as much as I hate to simply beg... I am reduced to it yet again.
      I have looked everywhere online for a translation of
      Widukind's 'History of the Saxons' (Res Gestæ Saxonicæ) without any
      luck. Likewise I have been unable to find an English translation
      through Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Alibris.com, or Powellsbooks.com
      (the last 2 are otherwise prettyy good sites)

      All I can find are brief one line summaries about the statement in
      question; and they never provide anything like a direct translation.
      Thus I tried to translate it with a Latin dictionary and realized
      that without knowing the rules of grammar in Latin, I cannot properly
      understand the context and interpretation of isolated words.

      So... here I am begging for assistance yet again.
      If anyone is fluent in Latin and able to translate without too much
      effort, I would greatly appreciate a translation of the following 5

      from: www.domus-ecclesiae.de/historica/widukindus-

      XII. Saxones capta urbe deponunt aquilam

      Mane autem facto ad orientalem portam ponunt aquilam, aramque
      victoriae construentes secundum errorem paternum sacra sua propria
      veneratione venerati sunt: nomine Martem, effigie columpnarum
      imitantes Herculem, loco Solem, quem Graeci appellant Apollinem. Ex
      hoc apparet aestimationem illorum utcumque probabilem, qui Saxones
      originem duxisse putant de Graecis, quia Hirmin vel Hermis Graece
      Mars dicitur; quo vocabulo ad laudem vel ad vituperationem usque
      hodie etiam ignorantes utimur. Per triduum igitur dies victoriae
      agentes et spolia hostium dividentes exequiasque caesorum celebrantes
      laudibus ducem in caelum attollunt, divinum ei animum inesse
      caelestemque virtutem acclamantes, qui sua constantia tantam eos
      egerit perficere victoriam. Acta sunt autem haec omnia, ut maiorum
      memoria prodit, die Kal. Octobris, qui dies erroris religiosorum
      sanctione virorum mutati sunt in ieiunia et orationes, oblationes
      quoque omnium nos precedentium Christianorum.

      As always, I am deeply indebted to you folk for your assistance,
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