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PIE *gWreig^-

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  • Abdullah Konushevci
    PIE root *gWreig^- to sleep, dream yields in Greek , to sleep, to be unsecure and in Slavic ,
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 9 5:41 PM
      PIE root *gWreig^- 'to sleep, dream' yields in Greek <brizo>,
      <ebriksa> 'to sleep, to be unsecure' and in Slavic <grezitü>,
      <gre'za> 'dream' (Pokorny, *gWreig'-) etc. I wonder, could this root
      derives also Alb. <kredh> 'to be deep in thoughts, to plung into, to
      sink' from an o-grade form *gWroig^-. Quite interesting are other
      derivates: <sh•kërdh•ej> 'to screw, to fuck', <sh•kërdh•atë> 'whore',
      probably from <shkredh->, due to metathesis of liquids r - e > e(ë) -

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