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  • kishore mohan
    ... wrote: I am placing here an interesting discussion that took place in the group vedic mythology Pradeep: Current tibet was known as
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 15, 2004
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      --- In therealhistory@yahoogroups.com, "kishore mohan"
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      I am placing here an interesting discussion that took place in the
      group 'vedic mythology'

      Pradeep: Current tibet was known as devabhoomi in most ancient vedic
      literature. It's name in sanskrit is Trivishtapam.

      ALWAYS LOOK 30!

      venkat sastry: Can anyone write about the vedic names of what are now
      countries? For example, I know that Gandhara desh is now
      Afganisthan, and in fact the present "Kandhar" is a derivation of
      the same word. Yavan is Greece. What else?

      The present day "Iran" is a derivation of the word "Aryan", and so
      is, I believe Iraq.

      There is a long list of countries in the Mahabharat. Most of them
      were seperate kingdoms in the present day India, Pakistan, Sri
      Lanka, Bangladesh and Afghanistan, but there were others mentioned
      too, that are outside of this ancient Bhaarat Desh. I would highly
      appreciate it if someone pointed me to more information in this

      kishore: ref satyagrahi sri ram, which gives a map of the india as
      told in
      ramayan... also, books like the encyclopaedia of brahmin kingdoms
      (telugu) give the list of kingdoms....

      please wait a couple of days i will give a very long list...

      btw, iran was never mentioned in ancient scripts as iran.. it was

      PradeeP: So do you think kaikeyi in ramayana is from Iran?

      Venkat sastry: Pradeep,

      Yes, Kaikeyi is from kekeya, which is Persia / Iran now. Similarly,
      Gandhari is from Gandhara, the present day Afghanisthan. In those
      days, these were all Vedic kingdoms. These people's names may or may
      not be their real names - on the one hand, there is the tradition of
      naming a person after place of birth, but there is also
      the "honarary" names based on place of birth, which are different
      from the real name. Even the name Kaushalya literally means the one
      from Kosala, which is Dasaratha's kingdom. Similarly names based on
      parents etc, such as Pritha being called Kunti, since she was
      adopted by Kuntibhoja Maharaj, or Rama being called Dasarathi, since
      he was Dasaratha's son, or Arjuna being called Kaunteya since he was
      Kunti's son. This is beautiful, since it shows the connections to
      the parents and birthplaces, but can be a little different from what
      we are used to in the modern day.

      Kishore, could you please post the list of ancient kingdoms when you
      have the time?
      Pradeep: If you refer the ashvemedha parva, there will be a list of
      name to which the horse was send,or any of the parvas describing
      the situation before the war begins (they describe the kingdoms
      fighting for each side.). I do not have my book library with me, so
      does not have the texts for easy reference.
      Kishore: Wonderful reply, venkat ...

      u r right, gandhari hails from gAndhAra or today's afganistan and
      kaikeyi from today's iran.. it is not coincidence that the meaning of
      both the words ' afganistan' and 'iran' is one and the same- the land
      of 'aryans'!

      some more names are VAsudEva(son of vasudEva), GAngEya(son of

      Saindhava (Jayadhradha is his real name) hails from Sindhu...

      Panchali or Draupadi is so called since she is the daughter of
      Panchala (Punjab) or King Drupada (her real name is Krishna , since
      she is dark in colour)

      Similiarly, sita was called Vaidehi or Maithili (from the names of
      her kingdom/capital). She was also called JAnaki , since her father
      was Janaka...

      Kausalya is really from Kosala and Kosala is supposed to be the
      kingdom given to King Dasharath in dowry, which enabled him to expand
      his kingdom.

      How ever, I don;t know whether Sumitra is the princess of Sumatra
      islands...though my fair guess is she is!

      NOt only this, the followers also can be designated by this method..
      the followers of Krishna were called VAsudEvakAs in the medieval

      Those who were following Manu were called MAnavAs..(ref Artha Sastra
      by Kautilya)

      Right now, i do not have satyagrahi ram with me ... i hv certain
      other lists also with me .. i want club all of them togetgher and
      post, more over, the book also has a map of these kingdoms... i will
      post a picture of that as a web page..

      do u know that the tamil kingdoms of chera, pandyan and chola existed
      at the time of Rama?

      If Rama's Itinerary (The literal meaning of Ramayan) is really to
      conquer the South India, as professed by some westeners, the million
      dollar question is why is that he did not start invading these
      kingdoms? Certainly, they could not have been stronger than Ravana...

      I think this questions attires importance in view of the so called
      Aryan- Dravidian division.
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