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Re: Nordwestblock names and words with p-

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  • tgpedersen
    The question is whether Kuhn s substrate words in p- match up with similar substrate words in Denmark. If they have survived, then most likely in West Jutland,
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      The question is whether Kuhn's substrate words in p- match up with
      similar substrate words in Denmark. If they have survived, then most
      likely in West Jutland, judging from the distribution of -lev-

      Kuhn: Anlautend p- im Germanischen
      *paik- *pik- "deceive"
      *palkl *pal "stiff"
      *palm- "seize"
      *palt- "patch, rag"
      *par- "visible"
      *paT- "path; step"
      *pau(w)- "step"
      *pauk- (*puk-) "stab, stick"
      *paut- "rot"
      *pegg- "tap, peg"
      *pe:r- "seduce, spoil"
      *pes- "penis"
      *peTil- *pedil- "lowland, bog"
      *pikk- *pi:k- *paik- "stab, stick"
      *pink "little finger"
      *piT- *pitt- "pith"
      *po:i- "drink"
      *pu:, *pu:n- "tumor"
      *purs- "myrica gale"
      *purt (*pr.t- "beat, thrust"
      *purt- *prutt- (< *pr.d- ?) "fart"
      *pus- *pusl- "little"
      *pu:s- *pus- *pu:st- "blow"
      *pu:t- (*putt-) "female sexual parts"
      *plagg- "sward"
      *plak- *plakk- (*plekk-) "place; spot"
      *pram- "press"
      *prang- "push, squeeze"
      *pratt- "clever trick"
      *pru:st- "sneeze"
      *pag- *pa:g- "horse"
      *po:l- (*paul- *pull- *pul- *pall-) "pool"
      *putt- (*paut-) "puddle, well"
      *platt- (*plat-) "flat"
      *pleht (*pliht-) "half deck on ships"
      *pann- "pan"
      *panning "penny"
      *pi:p- "pipe"
      *putt- "pot"

      Feilberg: Ordbog over det jyske Almuesmaal (1894 - 1904):

      Words with initial p-

      The following words have alternation

      plomme:blomme "plum"
      pardows:bardows "suddenly"
      pargas:bagage "bagage?"
      pæsen:bæsen "obese; inferior (of person)"
      plaDer:blaDer "mud; gossip"
      pladas:bladas "spilt stain of something soft"
      prowt:browt "boast"
      plammeret:blammeret "opaque, halfrotten"
      pryne:bryne "stare"
      pælpe:bælpe "drink in large gulps"

      pirke:firke "squeeze out"
      pirme:firme "be very busy"
      pimpetrav:fimpetrav "even trot"
      plomme:flomme "kidney fat"

      pabeløjet "wide-eyed"
      pad "plant, spergula arvensis"
      padde "frog, toad, snake(?)"
      paddek "type of seaweed"
      pajs "small child"
      pak "rabble" (cf German)
      pal "ready; firm, unyielding"
      pald "bench at end of table;
      all sort of raised surface;
      herth in kitchen"
      palle sig "be at ease"
      palter "chubby"
      pammer id.
      pamp "decoration; small clouds"
      pampe "walk with short steps, boast" (also Mecklenburg)
      pamper "fat person"
      pande "pan" (also std. Danish)
      pangle "gamble away"
      panke "kind of walk"
      pant "pawn" (also std. Danish)
      par "event(?)"
      parte "divide"
      patte "suckle" (also std. Danish)
      (pevvel) "small brook; morose person"
      pebling "boy" (also std. Danish)
      pege "point" (also std. Danish)
      pejt "ordeal"
      pels "fur" (also std. Danish)
      pen "nice" (std.)
      penne "hammer with pen of mammer"
      perd "mare; talkative woman" (cf Dutch paard, German pferd)
      perte "beat"
      pes "penis"
      pette "penis (human)"
      pi "undergarment"
      pig "arrow; miser"
      pilke "gather, take out;
      keep asking;
      artificial bait"
      pille "husk, peel; sneak off"
      pilt "boy"
      pilt "small"
      pirm "morose"
      pirr "easily angry"
      perres "weak person"
      pister "sickly looking"
      pjadder "nonsense"
      pjag "long narrow piece of field/cloth"
      pjak "sickly person"
      pjak "sickly person"
      pjelt "rag"
      pjange "small fish"
      pjank "siliness; sickly person"
      pjant "embarassed; ill at ease"
      pjask "splash" (also std. Danish)
      pjat "nonsense" (also std. Danish)
      pjave "whine"
      pjeje "tuft of hair"
      pjokke "be muddy" talk nonsense"
      pjæb "weak person"
      pjæs "froth; stupid talk; shy boy"
      pjævl "sickly person"
      pjævs id.
      plag "young horse, over one year"
      plampe "shake (full bucket); run over"
      planne "food and drink diluted with water"
      planre "disturb by stirring"
      plat "flat" (also std. Danish)
      pleje "use to; nurse" (also std. Danish)
      plejl "flail"
      plisse "easy, but strenuous work"
      pluse, pulse "thrust stake into water
      to frighten fish into ruse"
      plæbber "mud; nonsense"
      plæde "flounder; flatfish"
      pløg "plug, peg"
      pløger "old clothes"
      pløs "slush; nonsense"
      pog "boy" (also std. Danish)
      pold "raised area in field"
      polde "stack hay in small stacks"
      polle "pea pod"
      polm "stake to 'pulse' with"
      polte "throw snow/mud balls"
      pomse "swell"
      ponse "butt (of ram)"
      pors "myrica gale"
      pose "bag" (also std. Danish)
      praje "talk"
      preg "tool to pierce flatfish"
      prege "point; put flatfish on a string
      using a 'preg'"
      pregl "pointed stick"
      pryn "awl" (German Pfriem,
      Icel. prjónn "knitting needle")
      pride "haggle"
      prime "talk nonsense" (< LG prien "awl"?)
      proge "search in smt. with pointed object"
      pronse "strut"
      puse "produce dust, smoke"
      pægl "liquid measure"
      pæk "water plants"
      pæs "fast"
      pøjke "boy" (cf Sw poike)
      pøker "person doing inferior work in fishing boat"
      pånd "loss"

      There is some overlap, but absolutely not impressive. The tentative
      conclusion must be that the pre-Germanic substrate language in the
      Nordwestblock and in Denmark, if they were related, then not very

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