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9[cybalist] Re: *kor'i-

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  • tommy.tyrberg@norrkoping.mail.telia.com
    Sep 8, 1999
      tommy.tyrber-@... wrote:
      original article:http://www.egroups.com/group/cybalist/?start=2
      > I'm very interested in up-to-date view on Nostratic stem *kor'i- (a
      > sheep, a lamb). This stem was given by Illich-Svitych in his Nostratic
      > Glossary as #173. Do you know other Nostratic stems concerning
      > agricultural terms (a goat, corn, weat, barley, to sow) or something
      > like this?
      According to Dolgopolsky (Aharon Dolgopolsky: The Nostratic Macrofamily
      and Linguistic Palaeontology, Cambridge 1998) Proto-Nostratic contains
      a number of terms relating to gathering of cereals, and of course
      animals, but no terms that definitely indicate agriculture. A few of
      these (only approximate since I can´t reproduce Dolgopolsky´s very
      complex consonant notation:

      qaRpV- 'to gather, harvest' (=IE xarp-)
      zükV- 'edible cereal' (not in IE)
      galV- 'cereals' (=IE xelk-)
      XäntV- 'kernel, grain' (=IE (x)et(e)n-)
      gawV- '(wild) sheep/goat' (=IE xowi-)
      diga- 'goat' (=IE digh-)
      bukEgh- 'ram, billygoat' (=IE bhugho-) (=buck)
      gadi- 'kid' (=IE ghaido-) (=goat)

      None of these however indicates agriculture, and Dolgopolsky thinks
      that Proto-nostratic probably reflects a late paleolithic culture,
      which seems reasonable given the time-depth of Proto-nostratic (if it
      really existed)

      Tommy Tyrberg
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