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71661RE: Sv: [tied] RE: PIE six and seven: questions

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  • oalexandre
    Dec 18, 2013

      ---In cybalist@yahoogroups.com, <grvs@...> wrote:
      >It would be interesting to hear about the intelligent possibilities of 
      > *ok^t (or *h3k^t or even double *h3k^t).
      I'm afraid this won't work without recurring to *external* data, something which many IE-ists (including some in this list) are relunctant to do. For IE '8', good comparanda are Uralic *kakta/*käktä '2' and Altaic *gàgtà 'one a pair'. As Kartvelian '4' seems to be a loanword from IE *Hok^te-H3u (including the dual suffix -H3u), it looks like this numeral was originally '4' (i.e. the dual of '2') and then was pressed into '8', leaving an empty semantic niche.

      > - *-kWe in *pen-kWe (1234 and the *pen-).
      As I said before, this is a mere *ilusion*.
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