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71632Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: [tied] Why there is t- in German tausend "thousand"?

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  • Bhrihskwobhloukstroy
    Nov 25 11:56 PM
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      2013/11/26, dgkilday57@... <dgkilday57@...>:
      > > *Bhr.: (...) "nhd.
      > Traube (...) Grundbedeutung wahrscheinlich »Klumpen«. (...)
      > Wahrscheinlich zu idg. trup (Weiterbildung zu tru [...]). Vgl. lit.
      > trupùs bröcklig, trupù trupė́ti in Brocken zerfallen (...)"
      > (Wortschatz der Germanischen Spracheinheit unter Mitwirkung von
      > Hjalmar S. Falk gänzlich umgearbeitet von Alf Torp (Vergleichendes
      > Wörterbuch der Indogermanischen Sprachen von August Fick — Vierte
      > Auflage — Dritter Teil), Göttingen, Vandenhoeck und Ruprecht, 1909
      > [573 S.], p. 195), cf. Pokorny IEW 1073 (√*treuH- in Old Slav. tryjǫ)
      > : ibid. 275 √*dhreubh- gr. thrýptō ,zerreiben, zerbröckeln (...)‘
      > (√*dhreuHp- in OSax. drūƀōn), therefore OHG thrūbo < PIE *truHp-ón- ≠
      > OHG trūbo < PIE *dhruHbh-ón- (OHG synonyms from parallel PIE synonymic
      > roots)
      > DGK: You have invented a root *dhreuHbh- ex nihilo. There is no laryngeal
      > in *dhreubh- as shown by the short vowel in the Greek zero-grade reflexes.

      *Bhr.: for *-H- cf. *treuHp- in Gk. try:p'ao: vs. *treup- in BSl.
      trup-; anyway if You don't admit *dhreuHbh- because otherwise
      unattested You can consider *dhreuHp- in OSax. drūƀōn

      > [DGK] Moreover the words interpreted as formed from extensions of *dhreu- involve
      > casting down, breaking to pieces, crushing, etc. This is done with clusters
      > of grapes, but not specifically with clusters of grapes,

      *Bhr.: I can't catch the difference

      > [DGK] and most of the
      > actual words have no specific application to viticulture or wine-making.

      *Bhr.: This holds true for *treuH- as well

      > [DGK] Therefore, the connections in the EWDS are much more plausible than yours.

      *Bhr.: Personal hate makes You blind
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