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  • stlatos
    Feb 21, 2013
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      --- In cybalist@yahoogroups.com, johnvertical@... wrote:
      > Background: I've been exploring some evidence for a possible unknown Uralic substrate in Finnic. One feature of this hypothetical substrate would be *w > pp after a liquid, e.g. _kärppä_ "stoat" vs. PU *käDwä "weasel".

      That seems to work better with a rec. in which D is some kind of l or l' (alt. like:

      kumuri = small cloud Fn; kovol = cloud Mv; homály = darkness Hng;


      The ev. here:


      isn't for

      *käDwä "weasel"


      *kaDwa "female (of small fur animals)"

      Saam (Lapp): gaDfe (N) 'mustela erminea femina'
      Mari (Cheremis): kol'á 'mouse'
      Khanty (Ostyak): köjëN
      Mansi (Vogul): kal'
      Hungarian: hölgy 'Dame; (altung.) Braut, Liebste; Hermelin'

      seems to req. * kwalyaNxwa \ kwadyäxwa \ etc., if both rel. would make * kwaryamFwa \ kwaryäppwa "stoat" (with Kw \ Pw alt.), with no specific support on whether all the alt. was in PU or its daughters.

      If < substrate, which I doubt, the pos. seem to be:

      harmo = ermine OHG; carmun = weasel Rh-Ro; s^armuõ Lith

      rel. to other words for 'grey', some with -w- not -m-, but meaning the same, etc.

      If n > l , maybe:

      kounábi G; kunadhe = marten Al;

      rel. to (probl. borrowed):

      kuná R;

      If original -l- , maybe:

      galée: = weasel G;

      which COULD be < * gal-xY-wá:x or sim

      rel. to (probl.):

      gli:s = dormouse L; girí- = mouse S;

      However, other words like:

      * karma \ karpa \ karwa = fly

      * kurma \ kurpa \ kurwa = snipe

      make 1 substrate being the source of all this, which I doubt, less pos.

      All seem to come from the same rec. (of phon. not sem.):

      * kwalyaNxwa \ kuwalyämkwa \ etc.

      which makes most sense if many older C all fell together (q > k , etc.).
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