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62693Re: Re[2]: [tied] French phonetics

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  • Petr Hrubis
    Feb 1, 2009
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      2009/2/1 Brian M. Scott <BMScott@...>a
      > At 10:25:20 PM on Saturday, January 31, 2009, george knysh
      > wrote:
      >> ****GK: Like Londres for London? Always wondered about
      >> that one, or why the Spaniards picked it up.****
      > I don't know, but it's old: <Lundres> is found in Old French
      > as early as the 12th century.

      George, how is that relevant? Places are not people.

      By the way, Praha (the /h/ is voiced), being unpronounceable to most
      west Europeans, is Prague, Prag or Praga almost everywhere. Should I
      be desperate? ;-)

      I wonder how Jan Amos Komenský and Jan Hus are rendered abroad. I've
      seen John Amos Comenius and John Huss in English, Johann Amos Comenius
      and Johannes Huss in German, Comenius Ámos János and Husz János in
      Hungarian...and what? Is that really such a problem?

      I don't think this thread is worth continuing, but who knows...


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