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45188[tied] Re: Labiovelar Phonological Identity???

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  • aquila_grande
    Jul 2, 2006
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      In Italian there is an opposition between "qu" and "cu", examples:

      qui-here, quieto-still, cui-which, acuito-sharp

      The difference is that in "qu", the labial komponent is more or less
      overlapping with the velar stop, where in "cu" the labial component is
      a separate syllable.

      > the labiovelars seems to be a theoretical joker. By myelf I don't
      > consider them for have beeing for real. Instead of this I prefer the
      > Rumanian living system. There is "bi" versus "g_i" and "pi" versuch
      > "ki" as a matter of fact and as a living witness of this alternance,
      > regardless what was the reason of making bi/g_i and pi/ki as
      > alternant pair.
      > Alex
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