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4[cybalist] Re: *kor'i-

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  • Cyril Babaev
    Sep 4, 1999
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      > I'm very interested in up-to-date view on Nostratic stem *kor'i- (a
      > sheep, a lamb). This stem was given by Illich-Svitych in his Nostratic
      > Glossary as #173. Do you know other Nostratic stems concerning
      > agricultural terms (a goat, corn, weat, barley, to sow) or something
      > like this?

      All I can remember is the following stems which are either Nostratic or just borrowed by Indo-European from other families (Semitic, Caucasian, etc.) - the matter is still under discussion:

      *ag'r- a field
      *Hat- grain (IE, Hurrian, Hurritic)
      *gu-, *gw- a bull
      *dq- a goat (IE and Cartvelian)
      *sw- swine
      *dhn- grain, a sort of grain (IE and Semitic)
      *tawr- a bull

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