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7914Question about pictures/paintings of some Confederate ships

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  • csmc6165
    Dec 12, 2013
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      Hello there on board!

      As I´m filling our homepage with more pictures I started a list of all confederat ships CS marines did duty abord. I nearly found every ship and created my own pic of the CSS Morgan from the picture "Battle of Mobile" and a (maybe) pic of the CSS Huntress (please feel free to visit our website www.csmarines.de , there it´s under "Einsätze des CSMC").
      But some ships are missing! Maybe you know a www. source for them or can post me a pic here. I´m looking for:
      CSS Arctic
      CSS Dalmen
      CSS Galego
      CSS Indian Chief
      CSS Jamestown
      CSS Sampson

      I only got a wreck pic of the (maybe) CSS Drewrey

      CSMC, Co.A, Germany