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7893[CW Navy and Marine Forum] New Research

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  • President, NMLHA
    Aug 22, 2013
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      Some cutting-edge naval history is now available on the website of the Navy & Marine LHA. This is the story of Edward B. Hunt's Sea Miner torpedo projector, which has lain lost for 150 years. Hunt's device  was so advanced that it seems more akin to a modern kinetic energy projectile than anything else--definitely not something we would associate with the mid-19th century.

      The Sea Miner was considered so lethal that, after Hunt's death in an unfortunate accident, and the subsequent inability of fellow scientists to perfect the weapon, biographers thirty years later specifically wrote that they were reluctant to give particulars for fear some foreign power would figure out what we could not, and complete Hunt's experiments.

      The PDF research article is in the "On Deck!" section of the Navy & Marine LHA website--or you can click the link from the main page (navyandmarine.org) to "The Strangest Weapon of Them All."

      Chuck Veit
      President, Navy & Marine Living History Association

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