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7891New Book: Adventures of a Tennessean

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  • James
    Aug 21, 2013
      My name is James Carl Duncan. I am a retired Marine, and I have published a new book entitled, Adventures of a Tennessean. This book is dedicated to my father, and it contains personal stories of battles in which my father fought during the Korean War. My father served in the U.S. Navy, and he was a member of the Underwater Demolition Teams (UDT). Members of the UDT today would be known as

      [Special Note: Within my book there is a very interesting story involving a U.S. Navy Destroyer and the UDT, the is a great story involving members of the Air Force who accompanied my father behind enemy lines into China to gain intelligence, there is a very good story about the Army and their role in the battle for Wolmi Do, and there are several stories about the Marines who fought in the battles of Wolmi Do, Inchon, Wonsan, Hamnung, Chosin Reservoir, and Hungnam.] I would appreciate your thoughts and feedback on my book.

      This book is very special to me because of the length of time that it took to pull together the information and stories contained within the book and because it covers/describes the battles and operations that my father fought in/participated in during the Korean War. I had originally planned to make my book available only to my family members, but after some soul searching and thinking about it, I felt that others should know about the men who fought in the Korean War.

      I may be reached by mail at the following address:

      James Carl Duncan
      104 Eastwood Drive
      Hohenwald, Tennessee 38462

      I may be reached by telephone at: Home: (931) 796-5075
      Cell: (931) 279-4623

      I may be reached via e-mail at the following address: duncanjamescarl@....

      Thanks for your help!

      Semper Fi,

      James Carl Duncan
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