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Re: Important Document

WARNING! I think someone has been hacked! That link takes you to a site, and if your computer is on her toes, she gives you a huge warning saying it's a
Jul 12

Re: [CW Navy and Marine Forum] Re: cant download Navy patterns under

No.. He is a good guy. He lives in German so it maybe a internet server problem? I talk to him on Facebook alot. Jim Shillinglaw From: nmprovost
Feb 4

Re: cant download Navy patterns under files and can´t contact a me

To the Assembled Multitude, Have any of the rest of you had the same issue as Sven? Need to know if I need to submit a trouble ticket to Yahoo... Regards,
Feb 3

War of 1812 Bicentenial Battle of Bay St Louis

Sorry I was asleep on this one, but today is the Bicentennial of the Battle of Bay St Louis, MS Read about the battle and todays events:
B.M. Dyleski
Dec 13, 2014

cant download Navy patterns under files and can´t contact a member

Hello! Seem´s I was to long inactive. I cant download the acrobat files under Patterns. Can someone help me? Sven Hello! Seem´s I was to long inactive. I
Oct 29, 2014

CS Naval Detachment

Thank you for the add, Allen.Definitely a lot of good info on here. Folks, I'm looking to start a progressive CS Navy and Marine Detachment up here in SW
Aug 19, 2014

Re: saluts in the civil war Navy and marines?

Sven, Research we did as a group a few years ago indicates that the salute was, technically, a tip of the hat. This was abbreviated to simply grasping the brim
President, NMLHA
Jun 15, 2014
Jun 15, 2014
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Enfield Navy cutlass bayonet .. how to wear?

Ok fellows, friends, Marines and Ayay´s here´s a question: I have a (CS/)US Navy cutlass with frog = fits well on the belt to my boys CS Navy uniform. I also
Jun 15, 2014

saluts in the civil war Navy and marines?

As saluts from enlisted were normally only done with carried arms (rifles), would/or how did a enlisted Marine and Sailor salute? I think I know the righthand
Jun 15, 2014

Re: Digest Number 2073

Greetings: Any information on the naval participation in the Battle of Fort Fisher reenactment? Les ... From: cwnavyandmarineforum
Lester Albers
Jun 14, 2014

My Apologies...

To All, Sorry for the delay in deleting the spam from the forum; was away from the site for a bit. I will be more vigilant in the future. Regards, Your
Jun 13, 2014

State of the Forum- 2014

Good Afternoon, I have been remiss in not offering this question last year. Although the wires have not been "HOT with messages 'Attack, Attack!' ", the forum
Feb 11, 2014

Symposium on Underwriter Expedition

Hello folks, I'd like to bring your attention to an event being held at the museum where I work - in case you are interested and haven't heard about it
Jan 15, 2014

prison parole document from lt. Doak CS Marine Corps

Found again a literature unknown document. Prison Parol from Lt. Doak, CSMC link I : www.csmarines.de http://www.csmarines.de/ link II: Quelle
Dec 18, 2013
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