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Re: [cw_bugs] reading about bugs

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  • Adam Taylor
    I have been a bug man for 25 years, i got my first one from KL7HDY (now SK) and never looked back. I do own a couple of mini-paddles but only made a handful of
    Message 1 of 8 , Mar 2, 2008
      I have been a bug man for 25 years, i got my first one from KL7HDY (now SK) and never looked back. I do own a couple of mini-paddles but only made a handful of contacts with them.
       To me, using a bug or straight key is like playing a guitar, a paddle or keyboard is like programming a computer to sound like a guitar...but thats just my opinion. As far as the 1-in-10 thing goes, I have heard some pretty sloppy fists on the air but always reserve my judgement due to me not knowing if the ham on the other end is 7 years old, or maybe hes an old war vet sending with his foot because he doesnt have arms, etc...all valid possiblities, if i can understand them, then im more than happy to make a qso with them. But one thing i noticed, a sloppy fist can be sloppy on any sending device...ive heard it on bugs, straight keys and paddles. Granted, using a bug takes some getting used to, thats no joke. Some pick it up faster than others, but by just getting on the air and using it you will improve your skills in no time.
       Im a very hands on guy, i love using a bug because its very old school, and completely interactive with the operator. You can tell certain ops by the "swing" in their sending. Another thing i love about bugs and hand keys is the ease of repair and adjustment on the fly. If im not happy with the dits, i can adjust the speed with the turn of a screw, or reset the 'dit' terminal. You have complete control over the sound of the bug...you can adjust it for short, sharp dits, or you can make them a little more full...all from one adjustment screw. So im a bug fan, always will be. And if you need to go really slow, perhaps sending your call in inclimate conditions, you want to make sure the guy gets your call, you can use the bug as a straight key without touching or changing a thing...then send 1wpm if needed, then without skipping a beat, go right back to 50 wpm. These things require no power to use, they have been around for well over 100 years and will remain in use as long as there are CW ops. And a bug can fall into disrepair and get really ugly looking from sitting in storage, etc, it will still work...you can take them anywhere and plug them into any rig and it will work. I suggest you find a really nice bug and discover for yourself why owning one is a good idea.
       I suspect that i will always be a bug man. I hope this helps you figure out the mindset of bug users.
      73...Adam, N7YA

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      From: John
      To: cw_bugs@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: [cw_bugs] reading about bugs
      Date: Sun, 02 Mar 2008 03:11:04 -0000

      I have been looking at different bugs for sale. I wrote to a guy that
      even had an extra weight for his Vibroplex to slow it down abit. I
      may be slow in my sending to use a bug. So I am going to have to
      experiment on sending. Also, I don"t hear alot of bugs on the air
      much. One of the comments I have read is that only one in ten bug ops
      send good, the other nine think they send good. I think thats abit
      unfair. I think for myself, to copy a bug is alittle harder because of
      the difference in patterns. I wish I could get that Vibroplex with the
      extra weight, but don't have the cash yet. A friend has said he would
      lend me a bug to try. I am going to try and find out what make and
      model it is and try to get some feedback on it as how to use it.
      Anyway, I would like to hear some opinions on why you as a ham have
      changed to a bug, or like using a bug. thanks, John K3JK



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