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Laci Radnay, W1PL, SK

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  • David Ring
    I first met Laci at a library where there was a meeting of the Eastern Massachusetts Net (EMN) - it was back in 1966 or 67. Most of the net members of that
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 22, 2008
      I first met Laci at a library where there was a meeting of the Eastern
      Massachusetts Net (EMN) - it was back in 1966 or '67. Most of the net
      members of that time are silent keys - but not all which is surprising
      - traffic handlers live to reach a ripe old age.

      I went to the Quninopawit Radio Association - QRA - Joe Poges, W1DFS,
      WA1FHU (Laci), Dean Straw WA1IRG (now N6BV) and Bob Ansell, K1WGM from
      National Radio in Melrose, MA. What a great crew! Also there was
      WA1DRO, Ralph Perry (now W1OUT) who was a fireman from Milton and what
      a voice! He also was good at CW. I think Dean had some sort of CW
      only prototype CW transceiver from National - hetrodyne VFO, break in!

      Oh the memories!

      Here is more from Dean Straw:

      -----N6BV's message -----
      Remembering a Remarkable Ham: Laci Radnay, W1PL.
      January 21, 2008

      With considerable sadness I hear that Laci Radnay, W1PL, passed away
      last Sunday night 20 January 2008 at the age of 96. Laci and I go back
      at least 40 years, for he was the
      man who hired me at National Radio Company after I graduated from college in
      1967. By the time I finally arrived in Melrose, MA, as a junior
      engineer, Laci had moved on to work at Raytheon. So I never actually
      directly worked under his tutelage.

      However, I did get to know him well as a person, a friend and a
      contest mentor because we lived nearby and we were both active members
      of the Quannapowitt Radio Association (QRA) in Wakefield, MA. I
      remember getting my clock cleaned numerous times by WA1FHU (he was
      then WA1FHU, while I was WA1IRG) in contests in the late 1960s and
      early 1970s.

      Forgive me if you've heard this story before - I'm invoking my "old
      codger" privilege. This is a how Laci taught me about contesting "iron
      pants." My memory is a little foggy about the exact date, but I think
      it was June 1970 when the QRA was doing a big-time Field Day. I was
      operating 40 CW in the mid afternoon and I was making a lousy 10
      QSOs/hour, a rate a hotshot young operator like myself, ahem, found to
      be demeaning, even worthless. I got up, threw down the headphones in
      disdain and said loudly that I was thoroughly bored. Laci sat down in
      front of the radio and started operating, while I
      marched off to get some coffee.

      Some time later, maybe a half hour or so, I wandered back, rather
      curious to see how Laci was doing. Lo and behold, he was making 10
      QSOs/hour. As I watched him patiently call CQ after CQ, it suddenly
      dawned on me why WA1FHU kept beating me so thoroughly in contests
      where we went head-to-head. Laci
      was sitting there actually making QSOs, while I was bored silly, but
      making NO QSOs. "Duh," they say nowadays.

      Laci taught me the lesson that he who has on his "iron pants," sitting
      there grinding and grinding away, has a far better chance of winning
      the contest. Keep on grinding away. That's a valuable life lesson, not
      only a strategy about how to operate radio contests.

      I last saw Laci at the Dayton Airport, about five years ago. There he
      was, distinctive bushy mustache and a gray sports coat, slacks and
      tie, smiling broadly and enthusiastically relating in his thick
      Hungarian accent how he had worked some choice DX recently - on CW, of
      course. That's what I remember about Laci Radnay, W1PL - his old-world
      courtliness, seasoned with
      overflowing enthusiasm for Ham Radio, this hobby we all love so well.

      Rest in Peace, old friend. You were one of a kind. We'll miss you.

      Dean, N6BV


      On Jan 22, 2008 9:51 PM, cloud runner <KT5X@...> wrote:
      > It couldn't be said better, David. Only had the pleasure of meeting him once, at an FOC dinner in DC. His warmth of personality was exceeded only be his skill as a telegrapher.
      > 161
      > Fred - kt5x
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