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Re: [cw_bugs] Re: [skcc] Re: SOS de MGY - Titanic - Real? or Fake?

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  • w9ya@qrparci.net
    Interesting comments. I, by chance, converted the recording to an mp3 with just enough bandwidth to accomplish a clean output. This of course removed the
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 16, 2007
      Interesting comments.

      I, by chance, converted the recording to an mp3 with just enough bandwidth
      to accomplish a clean output. This of course removed the noise. The result
      was PERFECTLY timed code. i.e. It sounded machine generated.

      Vy 73;


      > I have questions about this: The speed...im ok with a straight key, im
      > sure there are some old timers who are exceptional at it, but if that
      > was being sent with a straight key...wow! the dits were perfect, at
      > least bug quality...im not so sure even the best telegrapher would be so
      > perfectly consistent. He would have to have arms like Popeye! But im
      > definately open to the possibility...so this one is plausible, but still
      > questionable. The conditions...I agree with another poster who
      > mentioned a lack of QSB or other atmospheric anomalies. Also plausible,
      > but just how good were the front end receivers of the era...most boat
      > anchor owners will tell you, the rx is the first to suffer on those old
      > rigs, even the big ones like MCE. The recording...this one stands out
      > more than others. I make a living recording things and i was wondering
      > the most about this. The signal was solid, the recording was solid, the
      > year was 1912...how good was A) the receiver, B) the recording
      > equipment, and C) the luck of the op to stumble across this signal when
      > no other ship was around and/or answering...enough to set up a recording
      > device that could record that clearly and on such short notice. This is
      > not only possible today, but easy...im not so sure it was all that easy
      > in 1912, but again, i could be wrong. The significance...The sinking of
      > the RMS Titanic was a HUGE deal. If someone had recorded the actual
      > sinking, i would have to think that this would have been made public
      > long ago, if for nothing else, the investigation of the White Star Lines
      > operational practices...the SOS call would have been of immense
      > importance.
      > especially if it was recorded from a commercial station, this would have
      > been huge for them. How many actual SOS recordings were floating around
      > in 1912? The high profile of the sinking would also be motivation for
      > making a replica years later (especially since all the movies that have
      > been made since) and trying to pass it off as real...its a lot more
      > exciting than say, the recording of a tanker sinking in 1973. This one
      > would garner lots of attention for the person who first presented it,
      > and sooner or later it would make its way to the ham radio community as
      > it has, where it would face certain scrutiny...as it is. I am not
      > buying it at first glance, but i truly like being wrong. If this ends up
      > being proven to be the actual sinking then this is exciting stuff. But
      > im going to have to stick with my gut feeling...its a fake. 73...Adam,
      > N7YA
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      > Someone suggested that the recording was false because:
      > The signal strength stayed the same throughout the transmission.
      > Rarely is there propagation where there isn't some QSB noticeable
      > (however faint) in a transmission of that length.
      > Here is some more information:
      > The frequency in use was 600 meters - the distance from Titanic to
      > Cape Race Radio / MCE (using just the present location of Cape Race,
      > Newfoundland as I don't know the exact QTH of MCE) is
      > 366 statute miles, 318 nautical miles or 589 nautical miles. The
      > bearing from Titanic/MGY was 339 degrees true.
      > At such a distance, fading (QSB) was very rare except for a sudden
      > ionospheric disturbance or aurora.
      > 73
      > David N1EA
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