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Re: Coffin bug

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  • aa1ll
    ... year ago ... gadgets. ... ...///snip/// Interesting--I also also have a TACO CP-510, a SPEED-X 501, a Coffin key (HI-MOUND BK-100 design), a Lionel J-36,
    Message 1 of 18 , Nov 28, 2007
      --- In cw_bugs@yahoogroups.com, <wf2u@...> wrote:
      > David,
      > Then came the Telegraph Apparatus "hole in the wall" bug about a
      year ago
      > or so, and immediately it became the number one key in my preference.
      > As you know, McElroy was involved with that company, so it's still a
      > McElroy key... I'd like to add a McElroy brand key to my collection
      > eventually.
      > A few months ago I bought a Speed-X bug at a hamfest, and i fell in love
      > with it... It has an incredible speed range without any external
      > So now I have the TAC key set for high speed (it's much better at high
      > speeds and smoother than the Vibroplexes), and the Speed-X set for low
      > speed at my main "modern" operating position.....


      Interesting--I also also have a TACO CP-510, a SPEED-X 501, a "Coffin
      key" (HI-MOUND BK-100 design), a Lionel J-36, and of course several
      Vibroplexes, mostly 50s vintage. I agree, The TACO hole in the wall
      key is the best, as it has a solid, snappy, smooth feel to it. The
      'Coffin' has a kind of plastic feel to it and the clattering noise it
      makes is really annoying. Any way to deaden that noise? I also have
      trouble dealing with the paddle which is actually like the SPEED-X
      (flat, no knob). I actually ended up putting a straight key knob on
      the left side of the paddle of the SPEED-X, I hope this doesn't offend
      any purists....The SPEED-X is also really fun to use.

      73, Paul, AA1LL
      Mason, NH
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