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Novemebr NAQCC Sprint

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  • Larry Makoski
    This Wednesday evening, the North American QRP CW Club will be holding its monthly sprint. Here are the particulars: Date and time: Thursday November 22nd,
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      This Wednesday evening, the North American QRP CW Club will be holding
      its monthly sprint.

      Here are the particulars:

      Date and time:
      Thursday November 22nd, 0030-0230 UTC
      (Remember that's Wednesday evening here in the USA) That's 8:30 -
      10:30 EDT, 7:30 - 9:30 CDT, 6:30 - 8:30 MDT and 5:30 - 7:30 PDT.

      Bands - Frequencies:
      80M - 3555-3565 kHz (Be courteous to FISTS operating on 3558 kHz)
      40M - 7039-7050 kHz (Avoid W1AW on 7047.5 kHz).
      20M - 14059-14065 kHz. General:
      A particular station may be worked once on each band. Operate CW only.
      All licensed amateurs are invited to participate, but only those
      operating QRP (5 watts or less) are eligible for awards.

      Call: CQ NA

      RST - SPC (State Province or Country) - NAQCC Nr.
      (non-Members substitute power level for NAQCC Nr., e.g. 5W, 1W, etc. Be
      sure to add the W.)

      QSO Points:
      QSO with a Member, 2 points.
      QSO with a Non-member, 1 point.

      Each USA state
      Each VE province
      Each country except W/VE
      All multipliers count only once in the contest.

      If you use only a straight key for the entire sprint, multiply your
      score by 2.
      If you use only a bug for the entire sprint, multiply your score by 1.5.
      If you key with anything other than a straight key or bug, there is no
      bonus multiplier.

      SWA - simple wire antennas - for those using a simple wire antenna per
      NAQCC definition.
      GAIN - gain antennas - for those using other than a simple wire antenna.

      Special Award:
      Our special award this month goes to the one who has the highest score
      and uses a homebrew straight key. If a 1st or 2nd place certificate
      winner also qualifies for winning the SA, the SA goes to the next
      highest scorer. That is because we want as many members as possible to
      receive one of our certificates. You must indicate in your report if you
      are applying for the SA, and include a picture of your straight key.

      Autologger SA info: To be eligible for the SA, you must select Yes in
      the 'Eligible for the Special Award.......' box. Nothing need be put in
      the 'Special Award info.......' box. You will have to submit your key
      picture in a separate email.

      Continuing this month we are giving away a set of CD's to one
      participant according to the following rules:

      1. The participant meeting the requirements below and posting the
      highest score will be the winner of a set of CD's in the following
      months: July, August, September, October, November, January, February,
      March, April, and May.
      A. Requirements: The participant must be a NAQCC member and can not have
      won a CD set previously.
      B. If the highest scorer does not meet the requirements, then the CD set
      winner will be the next highest scorer who does meet the requirements.

      2. Twice a year - in the December and June sprints, the winner will be a
      participant drawn at random who meets the requirements in 1A and who
      makes at least 5 QSO's in the sprint.

      3. Club Officers (WY3H (ex-KB3LFC), K3WWP, W2LJ, K5DUZ, KD2MX) are not

      REMEMBER: You HAVE to be a NAQCC member to be eligible to win the CDs;
      and there's still plenty of time to join before Wednesday night's
      sprint. To join the NAQCC, please visit:

      Entry Deadline:
      All entries must be RECEIVED before 2400Z on November 28th, 2007. So
      submit as soon as possible, especially regular mail entries.

      NEW! NEW! NEW!
      Be sure to use the new NAQCC Sprint Autologger feature! Please visit
      http://home.alltel.net/johnshan/sprintlog.html after the Sprint to send
      in your entry!

      For further information, please visit:
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