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Re: [cw_bugs] Australian Simplex bug on eBay

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  • David Ring
    There is nothing wrong with setting a minimum starting bid. It doesn t mean the seller is afraid to really sell at auction - it just means that the seller
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 17, 2007
      There is nothing wrong with setting a minimum starting bid. It
      doesn't mean the seller is "afraid to really sell at auction" - it
      just means that the seller will sell at auction provided he gets a

      I'd sell my left handed Blue Racer deluxe, but I would put a $0.01
      starting bid on it.

      I'd start with just slightly under what I would grievingly part with
      it for, then hope I'd get more.

      Of course, there are also fools who don't know the value of what
      they're selling and put a $50.00 "Buy It Now" price on something like
      a Schurr Bug (only about 20 made - a very rare bug which cost new
      about $500.) or a WBL V2L paddle.

      Both keys are well worth the minimum bid. The Simplex Auto generally
      gets around $500 for it. It is an excellent bug. At $300 it would be
      an absolute steal.

      What would you pay for a 1905 Vibroplex unused and unopened in the
      original box? $10? Some things are valuable!

      Ask someone how much it would cost to make ONE only in a machine shop.
      You'd get a fast education at what a value manufactured keys are.



      David Ring, N1EA

      On 10/16/07, Bill <flyer@...> wrote:
      > eBay item #110180391785.
      > Nice looking right angle bug with a cover. Perhaps the collectors feel
      > $300 is OK, but I think it is a little high for starting the bidding.
      > Either way, it will be interesting to watch.
      > There is also a nice no-name bug as item #150170359239. But, there
      > again the owner is afraid to really sell at auction. The starting price
      > is $95.
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