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Re: [cw_bugs] Re: vibroplex name plate

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  • David Ring
    Fascinating, Tim. I remember Betsy from Vibroplex told me that some of the keys - and I thought she meant the new keys - were glued on. The newest key I have
    Message 1 of 12 , Sep 7, 2007
      Fascinating, Tim.  I remember Betsy from Vibroplex told me that some of the keys - and I thought she meant the new keys - were glued on.  The newest key I have is the Blue Racer 2000 - I have a passion for blue.  Every time I pass "Key Storage Central" - I forget to look at the key.  I rotate the keys, they all have different personalities.

      It is really funny, I like sending on the Lightning Bug best, but I generally use the Original because it has a wider range - or at least I think it has a wider range.

      I recently was given back (it was on long term loan) my Champion which I bought used in 1965 - I got it back last year after about 35 years on loan.  I undressed it, put the parts in a ultrasonic cleaner, then cleaned the base gently with a vegetable brush - putting it all back in a 140 degree toaster oven to dry off for three or four hours.

      Works nice - but I still take it off line and put in another bug - right now I'm using one of my favorite bugs - McElroy S600 tear drop chrome bug.  It went to reform school recently and got its mainspring replaced in a delicate operation by a top notch machinest at the W3ZVT key restoration service  in PA - after recovery it worked so sweet.    Someone had made a repair not knowing how important it was to use the same thickness mainspring and put in a double thick one - which wouldn't vibrate much.

      Here is some fabulous work done by the W3ZVT key restoration service: http://www.qsl.net/sv1edy/keypicture/256.htm



      David N1EA

      On 9/7/07, Tim Soxman <tims@...> wrote:
      k4oso wrote:

      I have some old Vibroplexes that do not have pins, but are glued on.
      If the nameplate has pins, it is readily obvious.....you can see them
      from the top. You don't have to turn the key over.
      Milt k4oso
      th--- In cw_bugs@yahoogroups.com, "ai4re" <ai4re@...> wrote:
      > --- In cw_bugs@yahoogroups.com, "David Ring" <n1ea@> wrote:
      > >
      > > Hello everyone,
      > >
      > > Someone told me that the new Vibroplex keys don't have drive
      > the name
      > > plates are glued on. Can somone confirm?
      > Well, I guess if you flip it over and you see the pins coming out
      > the bottom, you know they're pinned in.
      > Since nobody else has answered yet, I'll try to remember to look at
      > fairly recent original bug when I get home.
      > John
      > Ai4RE
      The only Vibroplex keys with glued on plates were the Maine keys.  Those were also the only brown/beige keys.


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