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Re: FOC only; not Saturday!

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  • k4oso
    Fred, I assume the post was addressed to me (Milt). I certainly believe what you say about the group.....it just didn t impress me, at the time, as being real
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 5 8:36 AM
      I assume the post was addressed to me (Milt). I certainly believe
      what you say about the group.....it just didn't impress me, at the
      time, as being real friendly. Perhaps I'm being overly sensitive
      about it, and if so, please file my comments accordingly. Thanks for
      the interesting story, below. Kind of reminds me of the story of the
      Japanese soldier on a island in the Pacific, still "fighting" many
      years after the formal end of the war.
      I look forward to hearing you soon.
      ZUT 73, Milt k4oso

      --- In cw_bugs@yahoogroups.com, "cloud runner" <KT5X@...> wrote:
      > Seems to me I have worked you quite a few times, and I don't recall
      ever ignoring you, Mike.
      > The only time you will hear CQ FOC or be ignored when you call a
      member is during the FOC club reunion activity known as the
      Marathon. It is "only FOC" in the same sense as the BERU contest is
      ONLY British Empire stations, and Hunting Lions contest is ONLY for
      members of the Lions' Club, etc. If you answer a stateside station
      calling CQ DX you are likely to be ignored, too. the rest of the
      year you would have no way of knowing that you had just heard/worked
      a member, and I am sure you have worked many, many members.
      > Most members, however, will work you in the Marathon, and not think
      twice about it, that is what I do.
      > the story of the Marathon may amuse you. the FOC club was a main
      mover in getting amateur radio back on the air after WW II.
      Governments were very slow to allow the radio ops back on after the
      > Once permission was granted, the Club then initiated two activities
      to get the ops back on the air. One was the DX contest which after a
      few years sponsorship moved over to CQ magazine. it became what is
      now the CQ WW DX contest.
      > The other was designed to reinitiate activity among Club members,
      and that was called the Marathon. I think the year was 1947. They
      made a fundamental mistake in the on the activity they designed. The
      Marathon at that time was to continue, day after day, week after
      week, until such time that one member had managed to contact all the
      other members. Interesting idea? maybe.
      > Problem was, once an op had accomplished that task, took about ten
      days I think, how do you notify the rest of the members that the
      activity is now over? The Marathon went on for another several weeks
      before word got around that someone had completed the task and the
      Marathon was over!
      > anyway, the Bill Windle QSO Party is done to speak to
      your "complaint." this is an FOC club activity intended to be open
      to everyone instead of the Marathon which is an on-the-air club
      reunion (just like the PVRC Reunion last weekend) open only to
      members. Non-members who might be interested in being members have
      opportunity to recognize, meet, and chat with members, and ask
      questions about membership if they wish.
      > David or I can answer your questions about membership if you have
      any. In essence, FOC is an international fraternity of
      telegraphers. It is a social club of people who share a common
      interest, nothing less, nothing more. Members come to know one
      another on a deeper level than one usually does in completely random
      on the air air encounters. Membership is limited to 500 active ops
      at any given time, so an interested party may have to wait in line
      for a membership number.
      > Enjoy CW, 73,
      > Fred - kt5x
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