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  • David J. Ring, Jr.
    A double sided piece of circuit board (copper on both sides) would work well. ... O ... O
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 28, 2006
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      A double sided piece of circuit board (copper on both sides) would work

      O <==================== (To phone plug)=====>
      O <==================== (To phone plug)=====>

      The "O" on the left is actually a notch cut in the circuit board - that
      notch and the one below it are cut so that the circuit board can slip under
      the terminal binding nuts and rest on the base of the terminal screw

      Simply by loosening the two binding nuts, the device can be slipped in or

      The WIRES to the phone plug are soldered onto the "top" of the circuit
      board. Of course because the binding screw spacers elevate the connections
      above the key base, the circuit board can be used "up" or "down".


      David N1EA

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      \At 07:43 PM 10/28/2006, Kevin der Kinderen, K4VD wrote:
      >If someone does this, take a picture and post it. I'm having a hard time
      >seeing it in my head.

      You can just barely tell it in the top picture at


      Clovis, New Mexico DM84jk

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