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Re: [cw_bugs] Re: Was Deluxe now Standard(?)

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  • David Ring
    All the government contract bugs that I ve seen were black base Lightning Bug type models made by either Vibroplex, Lionel, or Bunnell. I ve never seen a
    Message 1 of 7 , Mar 31, 2007
      All the government contract bugs that I've seen were black base Lightning Bug type models made by either Vibroplex, Lionel, or Bunnell.

      I've never seen a deluxe bug made by Lionel!  I would suspect highly that it was modified to use the deluxe parts after manufaccture.  That was easy enough - since the parts were interchangable with Vibroplex so someone just took out the standard pin, and put a deluxe jeweled pin, and changed the two cups.

      I have a WW2 Deluxe Lightning Bug - I think it has a grey base but it has red fingerpieces (which were used only on deluxe models) and the grounding pig tail copper braid that connects the frame to the main lever - the early jewles didn't conduct well enough to carry high currents.

      David N1EA

      On 3/31/07, P. Grover Cleveland <clevelandg@...> wrote:

      Thank you David for clarifying that WW2 Deluxe bug question. I
      wondered what bug I had since it is both "jeweled" and yet carrying a
      Lionel label. Why would the government want a "deluxe" version of that
      bug though?

      Grover K7TP

      --- In cw_bugs@yahoogroups.com, "David Ring" <n1ea@...> wrote:
      > Steve,
      > You basically have a World War 2 Deluxe.
      > Deluxe refers mostly to the trunnion assembly - the Deluxe models had
      > synthetic jewels in a cup on the end of the trunnion screws which
      matched an
      > elbow rounded end of the main lever pin. The Standard models used
      instead a
      > sharpened metal point with fit into a hollow cup.
      > The WW2 Deluxe models had all the deluxe parts - but were painted
      bases as
      > chrome was rationed durng the war. They also still had the top
      > screw - which Vibroplex later eliminated because prying fingers would
      > tighten up on them and break the jewels. They filled the hole with
      a red
      > decorative plastic piece - which many incorrectly call a jewel.
      > 73
      > DR

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