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Re: [cw_bugs] Key Cleaning / Maintenance

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  • Mangin Ben
    Thanks for the nice advice, which I followed and trusted without much question, after having read several descriptions. Ordered, let s see what it gives once
    Message 1 of 11 , Jun 17, 2013
      Thanks for the nice advice, which I followed and trusted without much question, after having read several descriptions.

      Ordered, let's see what it gives once on my workbench-in-building

      Thanks again for support, THIS is ham radio

      73 DE F8GRY#15969

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      Thank you, a very good post. The only difference I can find between the two attachments was the addition of the following to the BUG ADJUSTMENT Section - included in the first attachment:

      "The trunnion screws (they hold the lever and allow it to swing) should NOT be lubricated.  Lubrication of such a small bearing causes more problems than help.  It attracts dirt, dander and dust, and on some keys that have been "oiled" the lubricant had gotten between the main lever and the dash lever.  This sticky residue causes the levers to stick when the dash lever is used.  This problem is much more common than most people realize!  Clean off the lubrication with ammonia then water and let dry for a few hours before reassembling. Moisture will weld your screws to the frame when the water turns iron to rust! 

      Also take a strand of stranded wire or a pin and clean out the trunnion screw cavity.  I use a cheap ultrasonic cleaner with ammonia or Formula 409 to degrease and clean.  I usually follow up with another 5 minutes of water and Dawn dish detergent then five more minutes with just water.  Dry for a few hours and reassemble.

      When tightening the trunnion screws, they should be adjusted with the key set wide so you can feel the drag.  If the lever drags no matter what, it is rough and should be smoothed with 600 then 800 then 3000 grit wet/dry sandpaper (or other) and tried again.  The correct adjustment is the best of "minimum up and down play with minimum drag" - when adjusted correctly, the lever will move slightly up and down as if it is tightened too much it will bind."


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      You will find two files in this group's file section - see the link at the bottom of this message - the two files are somewhat similar I am afraid, but I put both up, you decide which one is best:-)  Secrets of Bug Success is longer, but I think it also is about sending and how to send and bad dots caused by instability of the vibrator, &c.

      I also attach the files - see if they go with the message.

      À bientôt & 73, mon ami,


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