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Lionel Trains

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    ... From: Jerry To: cw_bugs@yahoogroups.com Cc: Dick, aka effarbee Sent: April 06, 2013 15:05 Subject: Re: [cw_bugs] News and Announcements . . . Dick.. Neat
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      More, Jerry:
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      From: Jerry
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      Dick.. Neat Stuff !  I have an Old O Scale (I think ? Three Rails !) Train Set my Dad got me back in the mid 60's.. when I was a lil guy !  I will have to find it in the box and perhaps 'You would know its vintage', etc.  I am sure it is a 50's vintage set..so 'kept it away from the kids/grand kids as 'It Was Mine' !
      Interesting about your Father as well ! I was always interested in Radio since a youngster..only to find out a few years back.. my Grandfather was a CW Op' in Germany during WWI and WWII !  I got my Ham Ticket in '84..and was born in Canada..so that's 'All before my time' (born in '62) ! Grampa passed away in '77..and he did not know English at all..but still remember him ! Just never knew he was a 'CW Man' !  I am sure he would be 'Proud of Me Now' ! Great thing about this Hobby..we 'All have something in common.. besides Radio' !  73

      Lionel made some of their very best stuff in the 10 years after WW-2.  We actually
      have some of it in our consignment inventory.  In fact, it looks and performs so

      well that we have a setup in the front window of our shop.  Catches the eyes of
      people passing by easier than anything we have ever had on display.

      Let me know if you need something.  Dust the old Lionel off and see if it still
      runs okay.


      Dick, W5QQM



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