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Re: [cw_bugs] Recent Bug Creation by WA9TGT

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  • Donnie
    Gentleman: (David, Joe, Larry, Troy, Earl) My thanks to all of you for the nice comments concerning my newly constructed bug. It was a pleasant challenge to
    Message 1 of 9 , Jun 21, 2012
      Gentleman: (David, Joe, Larry, Troy, Earl)

      My thanks to all of you for the nice comments concerning my newly constructed bug. It was a  pleasant challenge to build this key and the end results has been very rewarding. I do enjoy using it on a daily basis.

      Rich Meiss WB9LPU who I consider a good friend, actually inspired me to make this semi-automatic key. Rich has done a couple of his magnificent key presentation over the years at our local QRP group meetings. His beautiful and creative key work inspired me to make my own bug.    

      A question was asked about the dit spring contact. I made the actual contact for the dit spring from a silver coin. The coin was finished down smooth and I used a throat punch to punch out a few silver contacts. I actually soldered the silver contact to the end of the dit spring to provide half of the dit contact. The other half of the dit contact is the faced off and polished end of the 6-32 x 1" stainless steel dit adjustment screw. This arrangement has provided a good electrical and mechanically stable contact. The same type contact arrangement was also used on the dah contact side.

      If you have any other questions about the construction of my bug I will be most happy to try to answer your question.

      Thanks again for looking at my bug!

      Regards, Donnie / WA9TGT

      On Wed, Jun 20, 2012 at 11:17 PM, Earl Needham <earl.kd5xb@...> wrote:

      Donnie, that's pretty incredible!  Now you need a label for it -- how about calling it a Donnie-plex or something?  Serial #1, etc!

      Seriously, that's some beautiful work.

      Vy 7 3

      On Wed, Jun 20, 2012 at 7:08 PM, TroyW6HV <w6hv@...> wrote:

      Truly a bug of beauty. Well done!
      Troy, W6HV

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      From: wa9tgt
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      Subject: [cw_bugs] Recent Bug Creation by WA9TGT

      I just posted a picture of a bug I recently finished machining out for
      myself. I have been using this bug daily now for over 2 weeks and it
      preforms beautifully.

      Bug has a 3" wide base and the base was commercially finished with a Black
      powder coat textured finish. I machined out all the parts except the
      stainless steel screws and the (2) coil springs.

      The picture of this bug can be found in my photo folder called:


      Thank you for looking.....

      Regards, Donnie / WA9TGT


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