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Re: [cw_bugs] 1966 Presentation

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  • Fernando
    Hello David Firstly let me say thank you for you detailed analysis. I m delighted to read what you ve said and consider myself fortunate. The base is in very
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      Hello David

      Firstly let me say thank you for you detailed analysis.

      I'm delighted to read what you've said and consider myself


      The base is in very good condition. What did caught

      my eyes though, was the new damper mounting screws.

      Anyway, DR.. take and thanks for taking the time.

      73 Fernando N2FQ/6

      On Mar 5, 2011, at 3:15 PM, D.J.J. Ring, Jr. wrote:

      > The key, a Vibroplex Presentation model made in 1966 by Vibroplex of
      > 833 Broadway, NY, NY was ordered with a standard base instead of the
      > chrome base. In 1966 the standard base was gray as is this base.
      > Of course, a standard Original could have been dismantled and fitted
      > with the "Deluxe model" yoke which had a tapped hole as this one
      > indeed does have for the attachment of the grounding braid, jeweled
      > trunnion on the top, and bottom, the special lever of the
      > Presentation which was slotted on the top for the removal of the
      > main spring and had two tapped holes for machine screws to hold the
      > main spring secure. Then add two red finger pieces, and a red
      > circuit closer knob.
      > And to top it off - literally - the threaded red plastic piece that
      > was used to seal the hole left by the short jeweled trunnion screw
      > at the which had been changed in the Deluxe line about 1948.
      > The cost of the individual parts would have been prohibitive -
      > Vibroplex didn't sell the parts wholesale so you could "kit" a key.
      > Only if the owner ordered the key from Vibroplex or if he worked
      > there (same thing) could he have made the key economically.
      > The only evidence that it is a modified key is that the shorting
      > braid isn't original - the original grounding braid was thinner and
      > was a braid that was either tinned or silvered or made from tinned
      > strands. However, most people who take apart the Deluxe type keys
      > for cleaning of the bearings forget to remove the thin braid and end
      > up breaking it. So they replace it with some sort of stranded
      > wire. These days I use "Solder Wick".
      > So Fernando, it seems like you have an authentic gray based
      > Presentation - perhaps ordered by the Navy or someone who liked
      > battle ship gray.
      > If the gray base is as well taken care of as the fragile gold plated
      > top, you can be assured it is indistinguishable from "factory made"
      > as everything is correct on the key.
      > Very 73,
      > DR
      > David J. Ring, Jr., N1EA
      > SOWP, VWOA, OOTC, FISTS, CW-Ops, JARL-A1, A1-OP, ex-FOC 1271 ARRL-LM
      > Chat Skype: djringjr MSN: djringjr@... AIM: N1EA icq: 27380609
      > Radio-Officers Google Group -- Marine Morse Historic Recordings Page
      > On Sat, Mar 5, 2011 at 3:45 PM, Fernando <n2fq@...> wrote:
      > Hello
      > Thanks to everyone who responded. I do have French's book
      > and had consulted it. I also spoke with Vibroplex
      > while ordering the top jeweled screw and
      > Mr. Robbins affirmed that all presentations come with chromed
      > bases.
      > I suppose that it could have been misrepresented although
      > when I purchased it their was no mention of it being a presentation
      > model.
      > I'll get it going and see how it plays.
      > Again thanks to all who took the time to post.
      > Some pictures here:
      > <http://pages.sbcglobal.net/n2fq/Presentation/presentation.html>
      > 73 Fernando N2FQ/6
      > ------------------------------------
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