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    Vibroplex is now selling the Vari-Speed- Carl 73     SKCC 918     FISTS 13491 ... From: Fred Maas To: cw bugs
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 19, 2010
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      Vibroplex is now selling the Vari-Speed-


      73     SKCC 918     FISTS 13491

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      The Bug-Tamer as marketed by Vibroplex was a tube that fit over the lever, and put the weight at the far end, w-a-y out behind the bug.  It slowed the bug w-a-y down.
      Vari-speed as marketed by Vibroplex, was a copy of the Hills Brothers Speed-changer of the early fifties.  It is a second lever that bolts onto the primary one, and is free to rotate in a half circle above the vibrating lever.  One or two weights can be put on it.  it works best with the old U-shaped dampers of the earlier Racers.  It will slow a bug down if aimed back, but it is primarily intended to be a convenient way to rapidly change the speed of a bug.  The man who was making the copy went SK.
      Extendadot is made by Frank, W7IS.  It is a tube that fits over the lever, and it mounts not one, but two weights, one at either end.  Frank provides light weights so that it isn't just beginner-slow.  It is meant to improve the quality of the dots made by any bug by distributing the weight along the pendulum.  I suggested filing away one side so that the damper rests against the original pendulum and thus it can be trasnfered from key to key without causing any of the keys to be readjusted.
      Of the three, the extenda-dot is my favorite.
      73,  Fred - kt5x

      I remember the term, too, but I'm no longer sure what one is. Pix at http://kd8jhj.blogspot.com/2010/04/kd8jhj-bug-tamer.html show something like the Extend-a-Dot, but other pages show the Vari-Speed while calling it the Bug Tamer. Maybe it has become a word like "Kleenex" -- people use the brand name for ALL tissues.

      Vy 7 3

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