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The airwaves will be huming!

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  • Larry Makoski W2LJ
    Wow! Lots of QRP signals will be flyin through the air tomorrow (Tuesday) night! There will be both activity from the QRP Foxhunters as well as the
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 11, 2006
      Wow! Lots of QRP signals will be flyin' through the air tomorrow
      (Tuesday) night! There will be both activity from the QRP Foxhunters as
      well as the NAQCCers! I know a lot of you out there are members of both
      organizations and will have fun participating in both events. But for
      those of you who are not; I hope you'll take this opportunity to sample
      some other fare than what you might be accustomed to!

      For the Foxhunters - the NAQCC is the North American QRP CW Club; and
      each month they hold a two hour Sprint. The Sprint tomorrow night will
      start a half hour before the hunt and will end when the hunt ends. The
      exchange is simple - RST, S/P/C, and NAQCC #. If you're not an NAQCCer,
      please give your power instead (followed by the W, of course)! The
      contest call they use; and that you will hear is "CQ NA". Since all
      NAQCC Sprints are open to everyone, membership in the NAQCC is not
      necessary. For details on the rules, please check out:

      For the NAQCCers - tomorrow night is the 80 Meter QRP Foxhunt. Two
      QRPers act as Foxes and will be on a frequency somewhere between 3.550
      and 3.570 MHz. Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to grab
      the Fox "pelt". That is, you must have a successfully find the Fox; and
      then complete two-way QSO with the him. The QSO is an exchange exchange
      is RST, S/P/C, name and power out. A word of warning! Foxes are sly
      creatures that usually work split; so even when you find one, odds are
      you will have to use your wiles to figure out where the Foxes are
      listening if you want to grab their pelt! If you want to hone your QRP
      DX operating skills, this is the way to do it! For a complete summary
      of the rules, please visit:

      80 Meters just might get a tad crowded tomorrow night; but with the band
      assignment changing as of Friday, this is a good thing. So get on the
      air tomorrow night and have some fun, be courteous, try something new
      (maybe) and let's show the FCC that CW is indeed NOT DEAD!

      73 de Larry W2LJ

      Larry W2LJ
      QRP - When you care to send the very least!

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