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  • KT5X
    I need to define my words first; lete case equal a multiple key display case, and for the single key case, let me define that to be a dust cover. There are
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 3, 2006
      I need to define my words first; lete "case" equal a multiple key display case, and for the single key case, let me define that to be a "dust cover."

      There are for sale may forms of inexpensive furniture which amount to lit glass shelf display cases. I have seen them sometimes five feet high with a footprint on the floor only two feet by 15 inches. I built my own case which is just 2 w x 1.5 h x .8 d. It still needs work. It needs lighting, and it needs to replace a solid shelf with a glass shelf. It does have magnetic held glass doors. It will hold exactly six bugs inside, and three on top (with dust covers). One more at the operating table accounts for my self-imposed limit of ten keys.

      dust covers. Well, different bugs are different size. vibroplex makes a nice one for the original, but that won't fit all bugs for sure, and it's thrity dollars plus shipping. I make my own.

      I discovered our glass shop also does plastic. I have been able to buy pieces of 1/8 inch plastic in random sizes, for example, 18 inches by 3 feet, for a dollar and a half. They call it scrap I bought a plastic cutter for similar price, and a small can of plastic glue (which amounts to a plastic colvent) for three bux. there in is enough plastic for many dust covers, each custom fit. Plastic is not cut with a saw. It is scored by running the plastic cutter, a hooked knife, along a straight edge, cutting a groover. The plastic is then snapped over a table edge making a perfectly straight line. EZ

      Also, I bought a tiny jeweler's saw for about three bux with which to cut out the opening for the finger pieces. Then I had made a stick-on small piece of brass engraved identifying the key. On the dust cover phtographed her, it says, "Martin-Junior, VIBROPLEX, 1922."

      Also visible is the binding-post mounted jack, woolly mammoth ivory finger pieces, and the 40 years of service Western Union pin

      Since the tools aren't used up, the cost per dust cover for materials is usually around a dollar. the key is usable while inside these dust-covers. time for construction on the kitchen table is about an hour.


      73, FD - kt5x

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