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Re: [cw_bugs] How to Clean Vibroplex Equipment

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  • Kevin der Kinderen
    On Tue, 28 Nov 2006 09:16:14 -0500, Jon Maguire ... Hi Jon: I can point you to the Vibroplex Bug Adjustments page. I used these
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      On Tue, 28 Nov 2006 09:16:14 -0500, Jon Maguire <w1mnk@...>

      > I have 2 Vibroplex keys that belonged to my Dad, the orignal W1MNK.
      > I've haven't really paid much attention too them, but they have
      > collected dust in the shack. One is a standard bug s/n 210xxx with
      > gray base. The other is a standard keyer, s/n 373xxx with tan base.
      > I've dusted them, but they still are quite dusty. Also, the shiny
      > metal on the bug is a little dull, with some discoloration. My
      > questions are
      > 1. How do I thoroughly remove the dust?
      > 2. How do I clean the shiny metal?
      > 3. After cleaning, I'd like to adjust them. Are there directions on
      > the Web?
      > 73... Jon W1MNK

      Hi Jon:

      I can point you to the Vibroplex Bug Adjustments page. I used these
      instructions as a basis for setting up my bug but have since customized it
      with my own tweaks. You can find their PDF file by going to vibroplex.com,
      selecting the "Original" button and scrolling down to the bottom. There's
      a parts list and machine drawings there also.

      My tweaks were primarily to adjust the sound of the dot so it wasn't too
      short. The closer I could make it sound like perfect machine generated
      code, the better I felt about it.

      As for cleaning, the only thing I found on the Vibroplex site was to not
      use any products that contain bleach. Not much help there. Milt, K4OSO
      suggests using mineral oil. Not something I tried but he says the results
      are excellent. On the QRP-L list I see that NF0R suggests WD-40 in
      multiple passes to remove grime.

      Being a Harley rider, cleaning chrome has become an artform for me. If the
      chrome is pitted or rusted through about the only thing you can do is
      either live with it (it shows character) or have it re-chromed. But if it
      is in good shape and just needs cleaning check out the products at Home
      Depot or even a Harley shop. I use the liquid type on a soft cloth but.
      Taking small pieces at a time I work it in in a circular motion replacing
      the cloth every time it starts getting dirty. It takes a very long time to
      clean chrome.

      I would definitely keep the chrome cleaner away from painted parts,
      especially the base. If the cleaner gets in the grooves it might be
      difficult to remove it.

      Hope this gives you some ideas.

      Kevin K4VD
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