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965Re: [cw_bugs] Re: VIBROPLEX Original Deluxe

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  • Mike Markowski
    Jun 6, 2008
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      Jack and everyone,

      nzeronv wrote:
      > Mike:
      > Let us know what you think of your new 100th Anniversary Original
      > after it arrives.
      > Jack - N0NV

      It arrived at long last! Ordered April 3rd and showed up by the door
      just a few minutes ago - about 9 weeks later. Vibroplex had a back
      order on 100th Anniv bases and then had to wait on an order of parts for
      the lever apparently. But it made.

      By the way, I can safely say that though the 100th Anniv Original is
      advertised as "seconds only" with warnings that quality might not be
      100%, I see absolutely no sign of problems. Others have said the same,
      so if you have $160 to spare it's really a very good deal.

      The bug has much snappier action than my Lionel J-36 and is also a
      little noisier. But I can make much more crisp characters than with the
      J-36. Dinner soon and then I'll have to make my 1st qso on the new bug!

      Mike ab3ap
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